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The GNOME Foundation has nearly reached their goal of $120,000 in legal fees to take a patent troll to court. I hope that they are successful and make an example out of these complete arsewipes

The only time Microsoft has empowered me was that time in middle school when Windows 7 enlightened and inspired me to try out a Linux distro.

I haven't gone back since.

I feel as though this is of great importance, particularly in my position as a schoolteacher in a country as multicultural as New Zealand. I want to dedicate my future projects to work towards this vision

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A community made up of Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia holds great possibilities!!

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I felt as though the foundation had a beautifully + positive vision for an Asian Community of the future. There would be a lot of faith involved in such a project, but it’s certainly an exciting one

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Today my partner received a scholarship from the One Asia Foundation for an essay she wrote on the Korean Comfort Women Issue. It was such a happy moment and one that I’m going to remember forever ^^

Recently hopped back onto vanilla Ubuntu again. Some immediate thoughts:
- it's really, really fast
- things "just work" (as opposed to Void, which would break things all the time)
- ZFS support, despite it being experimental, is surprisingly stable
- Gnome isn't actually that bad to use

I miss i3 and might replace Gnome in due time, but otherwise think it's a fantastic release ^^

As far as platforms/services go, this one as well as are the ones I love the most and am more than happy to pay for ^^

If you're at all into Scala, take a look at Metals (A language server for Scala). I've had the privilege to work on it lately, and I love the idea behind the language server protocol ( It's also been cool to work on something I didn't think I had the skills understand.

Betteridge's law of headlines is an adage that states: "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no".

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