Automation question for ya'll:

If I wanted to write a script to run on my headless Raspberry Pi that pulls a public Github repo, builds and then deploys a node app on my local network.

What would be the best language to do this in?

Dark mode is now supported on

(Thanks to the great work of

I should've added this from the start, it looks freakin gorgeous!

"It's easier to do trivial things that are urgent than it is to do important things that are not urgent and it's easier to do the things we know we can do than to start on things that we're not so sure about"
- John Cleese, Creativity in management

I love the concept and community around Product Hunt.

But when I post things I've made there it honestly just becomes an exercise in managing scope creep. 🙅‍♂️

A few updates for

- Basic boundary detection in place for memos (more work needed).
- Some support for tablets / mobile added (not perfect yet).
- Service worker / offline support added.
- Memos automatically focus upon interaction.

Any issues or feedback feel free to add them here:

I've received feedback about Manifest from a few folks with strong opinions that choosing GPL 2.0 is a bad take for an OSS license.

I respect this kind of feedback but would be curious to read some articles or comparisons on why it's as bad as people say it is before I make any decisions to change it.

Any folks got some recommendations?

Been thinking if it's worth rewriting Manifest to use <canvas> rendering for everything, instead of just the grid.

I noticed that you did this for ORCA @neauoire.

Reckon I'd eventually take a performance hit by always relying on pure DOM for interactive elements, or it's fairly negligible?

Rough start to the week. Least the AQI is good enough to go smash some hills.

Can I just say that my platformer is coming along just fine 👌

A few bug fixes and improvements out now!

- Memos now respect zIndex.
- Memos are also scrollable, if content overflows.
- Mouse issues with snapping fixed.
- Everything now aligns flush on the grid (may require you to clear local storage).

Been peeping at the ZeroPhone a lot recently.

Any one know if there are some 3d-printable cases available somewhere yet?

My little project Manifest (as it's now called) is now live at

A few loose ends to tie up but right now you can:

🗒️ Create as many notes as you want.
🧮 Snap and resize on a uniform grid.
🌐 All data is stored locally.

Source at

An interesting open source and "privacy focused" web browser that popped up on my radar today.

Kind of weird that it has it's own account though that stores bookmarks, history etc. Seems the opposite of their tag line "designed with anonymity in mind".

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