Have a good evening/morning everyone! Not much free time to spend here these days...

Bird Site 

Hope everyone in the town is having a good weekend!

Wow has anyone tried an Omega board? Smaller than a RPi Zero, but still seems capable of running a web server. A bit cheaper too.


First invoice today. Would be nice to get paid again. 🤞

Wow, Web Components are amazing. I'm never using a framework for a personal web project again.

Dammit, how did it take me 30 years to try Chai tea.

So sick of the bird site of late. Regurgitated anecdotes about COVID-19 helps no one.

Interactions work surprisingly well on mobile, especially text selection. Apologies for the potato quality gif.

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Having a bit of fun this morning. Now added an idle animation for the caret when typing ceases.

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Big mood. This feels like one of the more interesting and provoking interaction patterns I've seen in awhile.


@neauoire is there a bundle or src for the original version of Ronin available online any where? I'm quite interested to study interactions from products with prompt interfaces atm.

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