An interesting piece on how politics impact user interfaces on the internet.

Been doing a lot of research in to how common aspects of SPA Javascript frameworks operate. Last week it was Routing, this week it's State Management.

A nice example of a Redux-style pattern without any dependencies, and in a vanilla JS construct.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. 👋

I taught myself how to build a framework-free SPA router in Javascript today.

Have a good evening/morning everyone! Not much free time to spend here these days...

Bird Site 

Watching Venture Capitalists "do good" and then virtual signal about how much good they are doing for people in need (and everyone else is doing a bad job) is some of the most childishly embarrassing shit I've seen in a while. Makes my blood boil.

Sorry to bring this kind of stuff to the Town. Just makes me so mad...

Hope everyone in the town is having a good weekend!

Wow has anyone tried an Omega board? Smaller than a RPi Zero, but still seems capable of running a web server. A bit cheaper too.

First invoice today. Would be nice to get paid again. 🤞

Wow, Web Components are amazing. I'm never using a framework for a personal web project again.

Dammit, how did it take me 30 years to try Chai tea.

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