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7 hour sculpt the other day, started in VR then finished in zbrush

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I was thinking about it and I thought if anyone knows how to build a platform and might be inclined to help sex workers and queer people they are probably on Merveilles

Does anyone here have the capability to put together a platform similar to patreon?

Even before this investor bullshit patreon users I know have been sweating bullets bc of sesta/fosta (supposedly anti-sex trafficking laws that really have been used to target queer content)

There needs to be an explicitly queer & sex worker friendly subscription platform. The tech aspects don't SEEM that difficult? It's literally a subscription service that serves emails.

skeleton torch holder thing

1 hour base sculpt in vr, 2 hours zbrush detailing

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I was up at 3am last night making more Ghost Flowers because it's highly addicting :) Here's another Ghost Flower with a close-up detail shot...I'll probably post a few more full detail ones, and some video of the process soon!

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"In 2017, researchers attending the annual Cable-Tec Expo presented a paper looking at the effect certain trees can have on wireless-signal propagation in the landscape."

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