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I met with this guy and he seems cool and legit, I'm hoping to work with him. Sharing in case anyone here also is interested:

anyone need some stuff made? Looking for gigs...

I'm a freelance generalist / technical artist w/ a diverse skill set & a lot of experience in VR/AR.

Skills include:
3D Generalist ~ Sculpting, Optimization, Texturing, Rigging, Animation
Unity/Unreal Developer ~ 7 years w/ Unity, 2 years w/ UE

Happy to provide specific work examples of whatever you are interested in.

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Self-indulgence is an important part of living a good life

Play trash. Eat delights. Break stones just to watch them shatter

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Side effect of explaining ways to combine noise functions to my students

pretty cool: set a beat on each corner of the square then drag the cursor around it to blend between them using machine learning

YO i am really excited about the team I put together to work on this pitch

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