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a word i've had on my mind

collapsophenia (noun):
seeing signs of the collapse everywhere you look

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Every day this week I've been in a skyscraper that is essentially a faraday chamber: no cell signal whatsoever and no wifi connectivity for cellular devices. I've had complete focus *all day* and have written some of the best code of my life.

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Just got invited to code for a week in a cabin in the wilderness. Dreams do come true.

Intro to local-first JavaScript applications from the creator of Prettier: fullstackradio.com/126

Wrote my first React Hook. Let the games begin.

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Deleting code is one of the most satisfying things in software development.

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Spent this morning doing a bit of dev and working on logo designs for Fortunæ. Ended up going with the bottom design.

"A stone will be thrown at the state, and a stone will be thrown at the churches"

Don't know what path I'm on, but it's a good one, and I can trace it back 13 years to the first time I listened to this album.

I think something like this would be nice to build. Just a quick stab at a visual design.

Guess this weekend I will be building a small project. Thinking of doing a series of charts to display powerlifting weight progression.

I have been given 72 hours to become an expert in ReactJS for a new project. ReactJS will be the only Facebook product I use, still feels icky.

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Not going out this year, we usually just dress as "us" and do alright.

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