Lately I have been having too much fun coding.

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@uonai This looks great, and rather useful! What are the timers on each "want" for?

@tmpvoid a feature that let's you set a designated time to think about purchases. For example, to prevent impulse purchases I like to write down the item on a list for a few weeks. If I still want that item in a few weeks, then I do not feel guilty buying it.

@uonai Ahh yea sensible. That kind of delay between impulse and action seems to be a good idea in general.

@uonai Also, I know it's a boring question, but what stack is this? Electron and companions?

@uonai Oh word. I've been considering coding something similar. Does that live on GitHub?

@grey yep, currently a private repository. I'll be making it public mid-November!

@grey I'm bad about posting to Mastodon, I will make sure to post updates here as well.

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