I have been given 72 hours to become an expert in ReactJS for a new project. ReactJS will be the only Facebook product I use, still feels icky.

Guess this weekend I will be building a small project. Thinking of doing a series of charts to display powerlifting weight progression.

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I think something like this would be nice to build. Just a quick stab at a visual design.

@jere Starting Strength -> Greyskull -> Andy Baker's Heavy / Light / Medium. One year of progress this week!

@uonai that's awesome! I got 2 months in before injuring my meniscus, but I'm returning next week. I've been thinking of making a tool like that for a while now, but can't design something that I like 😅

@jere Awesome! It's been a life changing experience for me. I've built the entire backend in AirTable to collect daily updates and I'll open source the front end on GitHub after I make it.

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