On the final stretch of developing Fortunae, the offline-first personal finance tool. I'm completely exhausted but I feel like this product is actually going somewhere.

Fortunæ now has 1300 people signed up for beta. Room for a few more if anyone is interested?

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@neauoire Just added the ability to switch themes. Mind if I ship this with some Hundred Rabbits themes (and of course credit you in the Readme)?

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@neauoire thank you! I feel like I've been in a time warp for weeks building this. It's surreal that it actually works.

@royniang can't wait to release it. I'll post about it on mastodon when the build is public

@anna @uonai
Are you familiar with ?
For examples how it could be used check the right column and search for "common tasks"

@uonai OMG. This looks so much like something I'd love to use :O

@uonai Man, I love how that looks! Keep us posted. Would love to try it.

@uonai soooo nice :) i'm looking forward to importing some of my data to try it out

@uonai Whoa. It's a relief to see such minimalistic UI. What's the best way to stay abreast of developments?

@uonai Is this running on a tiling window manager on a Linux environment by any chance. It's totally unique in visual appearance. The two-tone look is awesome, but for usability I think color options would be helpful, just a thought not a critique at all.

@drown this is running on Electron. Definitely considering themes at some point


this sounds very interesting and it's the first time I hear about it

What does "finance" mean, here, exactly ?

@AbbieNormal tracking income, debt, expenses, and accounts

@uonai will it be open source software or will it be available for purchase or something?

@saxnot open source via a GitHub repository, I'll also be packaging it up with an installer and selling a version on (probably about $3 USD)

@uonai ok, it looks sexy. Tell me more about it. I'm currently using beancount with fava.

@not7cd it is a single entry accounting system that lets you manage weekly and monthly financial records. You can compare debt and funds over time, and do breakdowns of expenses and income flow. It isn't as complex as beancount, but it's only in the early stages.

@uonai if there is some beta, sign me up. I have over a year of records, and I wonder how easily I could transform them to this.

@not7cd I have a signup page set up here if you want to be notified via email. Beta will be in June.

@flame if you want to, I'd be grateful?? There is a tweet attached to my pinned tweet where I link it.

@uonai this is such a cool interface! Feels kind of retro futuristic to me

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