New shot today. 4x zoom. Really happy with the results. Almost finished with editing.

@neauoire A Sony a6000 body, a 4x microscope lens, Raynox tube lens, and a WeMacro motorized rail. Find cool thing, clean it, pin it, and then take ~150 pictures each at different depth of field. The stacking rail makes that part efficient. Darktable to process raw files to TIFF. Zerene Stacker (software) to focus stack the images, followed by Affinity Photo to do touch-up and color correction. Then Topaz AI Sharpen for a final touch.

Mostly patience trying to not squish the specimen.

@urreta Oh wow, so you somehow assemble the thin later of depth of field, and the track lets you move across the DOF. That's great, I had no idea that's how it worked!

@neauoire That said, I'm super bad at handling, cleaning, preparing the specimen. Probably should take some classes at the local Entomology school.

@urreta @neauoire is the stacking software capable of producing a proper lightfield? e.g. is a small amount of stereoscopy possible to generate from the focus stack?

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