The After Effects Render Error Sheep Sound Effect came up today. I had to remember that I wrote this.

Job laid me off. Available for hire. Artist turned animator/compositor turned TD/pipeline dev. Stupendously good at After Effects, openframeworks, python, C, C++, *cough*javascript

well finally starting on my HyperJam entry. multiplayer party games anyone? also how the hell do I do a find/replace on a string?

Here's another pro tip - you can double click on any of the palette swatches to directly edit the palette. The palette is saved to the stack, though, so if you want to transfer it you have to create a new stack using "copy existing background"

It should be worth mentioning that namedfork has ported minivmac to iOS. I have hacked it to use the apple pencil, as well @neauoire @cancel


Hello, I am once again available for freelance. I am stupendously good at After Effects and reasonably good at TouchDesigner / Nuke/ OpenFrameworks / C / C++ / Python / Javascript / Processing / Arduino and have a good visual sense. I don't like self promotion but I gotta eat <3

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I'm going to burning man this year. What are some cool solarpunk gadgets to buy

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