"The Church. The lambda calculus. The gay agenda. It has known a thousand names, a thousand forms. Aisha slams her palms together, and with the crash of mountains, summons the thousandth-and-first."


I'm working on a program synthesis engine for my college research class. I was originally going to have some functional language as the target language, but now Forth is looking inviting.

Does anyone know of any programmable wristwatches? I really want a activity tracking tool I can have on me at all times.

Is there a minimal set of words/properties that can describe any concept?

I don't know whether I should write a generative art library in Rust or Haskell. I'm much more familiar with Rust and it can be compiled to WASM, but generative art seems much more suited to the functional style.

Working on a tool, some kind of interactive dictionary with filters. It will probably become a simple flashcard system, with a few stats and options to switch between Toki Pona, glyphs, English and French.

I wonder if we would have had truly knowledgeable AI models by now if Wikipedia was written in a logical language instead of a natural one.

For more than a year, I've been researching subjective moderation systems as part of my Master's thesis. What I ended up with is TrustNet, a system for representing, and interacting with, computational trust.


In the linked article, I summarize my research, link to the academic article I wrote, the code I produced, and the 30 minute Master's thesis presentation I held at the end of May.

Obsidian is such a good resource for taking smart notes. I still prefer my own text editor for writing notes but it's great for exploring the network.

I'm building a personal wiki in the Zettelkasten format, but with a distinction between questions, ideas to answer those questions, and evidence towards those ideas.

Hi, I'm Varun. I'm a high school student that likes computer science, mathematics, political science, and design. I flit across various topics and projects, but I hope all the interesting people in this instance will inspire me to solidify my own projects.


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