@tendigits over LibreOffice as I really like markdown and despite it not being FOSS I think it's the best option I've tried, though the FOSS marktext is good too. 2/2

@azlen I love your Geological Phonograph project! I know in your blog post on it you said it's not done, but have you considered making it open source?

Spent some time going though all 112 links on the Webring, to all of you amazing people who have sites up on there- Thank you! Your art, code, and writing is incredibly inspirational!

Made a fairly large Purr-Data Patch yesterday and found it frustrating for a number of reasons that I think MaxMSP may resolve, but I don't like using the non-FOSS solution. Ugh. I'd ultimately like to make raw C(++) DSP code which I can do with [gen~] in max though instead of using a less elegant solution with vult-dsp.com/vult-language and Purr-Data . What do you guys think/recommend?

I'm good friends with one of my academic advisors and he's getting very up there in age. We started talking about my ham raido licence and he offered to let me take his old Heathkit reciver as it was gathering dust. I got it to day and it was absolutely gross, had to clean off a pound of dirt and grime. But I'm still incredibly thankful. Unfortantely, about an hour in I noticed the material being used between the metal chasis and ancient speaker was asbestos. Guess I'm removing that tomorrow .-.

Lessons I keep learning and forgetting:
* Planing everyday only works when your life is rigid. Mine is not
* Before you can make a positive change you have to get to a net zero first. Undoing negitives is hard, espically when years of them have piled up
* Not everyone is as determined as you, even those you love and care about

Today I started actively working on getting better at drawing furry heads, which will probably be a trend in my art for a while:

Even the little things, like watching more anime that's on my list instead of defaulting to YouTube, and actually playing games instead of watching Let'sPlays. I'm also going to try my best to actively improve and hone my skils more, rather than aimlessly practice, though I do still plan to enjoy learning by experimention when I can. I'll post more updates here as I work on things, and I'm sure I'll get more inspiration from all of you. I wish everyone harmony in the coming decade (*^_^*)(2/2)

Hey Merveilles, how's eveyrone in the new decade?

I decided I want to be a better me, not intentionally a new years thing, This was just a good time to get my stuff in order. So far I've already started a trend of working out, woring on more art, reading, and writing. I'm going to try to make a lot more stuff this year, decade, and onwards, but also try to force myself to do things I enjoy more, to actively consider how I use my time rather than going down the path of least resistance. (1/2)

Also, life update:
- Went to Anime Nebraskon on 11/1-3 and met some awesome people, and joined a new IRL fur group- been to meets for the first time in years
- While at con I met my now boyfriend
- Commissioned said BF to make me a new fursuit
- my US16x08 audio interface died, US20x20 on it's way tho!
- Building a pwnagotchi.ai/
- Got some new art of my sona (attached)
- Ordered a HackRF one
- Got a new office chair, sooo much better
- Website overhaul is in progress

I've had this idea brewing for years to make everything I make (Art, music, code, etc.) all contribute to one story and I spent more time thinking about it and I'm finally ready to make the central picece that literally everything else will link to, but I'm having a hard time getting the idea onto paper. It's like the gravity of how important this piece will be to my future art means it absolutly has to be perfect. Normally I find chasing perfection unhealthy, but I like the challange this time

*Long exhale*
I'm not a FSF lord, while I do like FOSS software, I also think paid, commercial software has it's place. That said, to pay for a program and have it repeatedly serve me notifications about sales/'offers' for paid upgrades for said software even after repeatedly changing the setting pisses me off. I prefer FOSS, I'm okay with commercial, closed source, I demand software respect the user. Even though I paid for the software I'm ranting about now, I'm uninstalling it now too.

Wow, has it really been a month since I've posted in here... oops.
Updates on stuff
> Started (and fell behind...) Inktober
> Got some more eurorack gear
> put out some more tunes at vegadeftwing.bandcamp.com
> Started designing a few eurorack modules, including a germanium fuzz
> Built a CNC/Plotter/Laser system
> Got a fursuit (not of my character, but the suit was $250, which is hella cheap)

Planning to do pulls to get some Hacktoberfest swag, and catch up on Inktober this weekend.

The case is finally done! I hadn't done really any wood working in years, so Im really happy with how it came out, especially given the complexity of making it face out at a 15° angle.

@jrc03c , just read your link dump update and wanted to express how much I've appriciated everything on your blog. The link dumps were cool and I enjoyed them, but I origanlly came to your blog for your 'values-update' post, which I found a wonderful and though provoking insight, as I do with much of your content. If you still have archives of the link dumps and you could leave them up or put them on archive.org that'd be cool, but please do what you need to do to be healthy <3

Today I waited for a snail to come back out of his shell. (He was attempting to cross the sidewalk when I found him, I put him on some leaves when I was done)

I need recommendations: what's the 'best' DSP/sound design framework for compiled generation? Real time? Ive seen so many Csound, Vult, Purr Data, Super Collider, vvvvv, Sonic Pi- I'd like to know where to start. Similarly, looking to do some graphical stuff and dont know if I should invest in Ronin, Processing, Blender w/ python, vvvvv?

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