Also, life update:
- Went to Anime Nebraskon on 11/1-3 and met some awesome people, and joined a new IRL fur group- been to meets for the first time in years
- While at con I met my now boyfriend
- Commissioned said BF to make me a new fursuit
- my US16x08 audio interface died, US20x20 on it's way tho!
- Building a
- Got some new art of my sona (attached)
- Ordered a HackRF one
- Got a new office chair, sooo much better
- Website overhaul is in progress

I've had this idea brewing for years to make everything I make (Art, music, code, etc.) all contribute to one story and I spent more time thinking about it and I'm finally ready to make the central picece that literally everything else will link to, but I'm having a hard time getting the idea onto paper. It's like the gravity of how important this piece will be to my future art means it absolutly has to be perfect. Normally I find chasing perfection unhealthy, but I like the challange this time

*Long exhale*
I'm not a FSF lord, while I do like FOSS software, I also think paid, commercial software has it's place. That said, to pay for a program and have it repeatedly serve me notifications about sales/'offers' for paid upgrades for said software even after repeatedly changing the setting pisses me off. I prefer FOSS, I'm okay with commercial, closed source, I demand software respect the user. Even though I paid for the software I'm ranting about now, I'm uninstalling it now too.

Wow, has it really been a month since I've posted in here... oops.
Updates on stuff
> Started (and fell behind...) Inktober
> Got some more eurorack gear
> put out some more tunes at
> Started designing a few eurorack modules, including a germanium fuzz
> Built a CNC/Plotter/Laser system
> Got a fursuit (not of my character, but the suit was $250, which is hella cheap)

Planning to do pulls to get some Hacktoberfest swag, and catch up on Inktober this weekend.

The case is finally done! I hadn't done really any wood working in years, so Im really happy with how it came out, especially given the complexity of making it face out at a 15° angle.

@jrc03c , just read your link dump update and wanted to express how much I've appriciated everything on your blog. The link dumps were cool and I enjoyed them, but I origanlly came to your blog for your 'values-update' post, which I found a wonderful and though provoking insight, as I do with much of your content. If you still have archives of the link dumps and you could leave them up or put them on that'd be cool, but please do what you need to do to be healthy <3

Today I waited for a snail to come back out of his shell. (He was attempting to cross the sidewalk when I found him, I put him on some leaves when I was done)

I need recommendations: what's the 'best' DSP/sound design framework for compiled generation? Real time? Ive seen so many Csound, Vult, Purr Data, Super Collider, vvvvv, Sonic Pi- I'd like to know where to start. Similarly, looking to do some graphical stuff and dont know if I should invest in Ronin, Processing, Blender w/ python, vvvvv?

@rek , finally got a chance to read 'Voice of the Ilk' and it's honestly some of the best writing I've read in a long time. Thank you so much for putting such amazing content out there for free!

I also got my 'Opinionated Engineering' project - a large document dedicated to learning electronics, programming, and computing moved over to a GitHub pages static site at and the repo is at Contributions are more than welcome! The sister doc devoted to learning music and eurorack was updated as well:

Finished the prototype circuit for my first Eurorack module today. Now just need to design it in KiCad and get a batched whipped up to sell. To get everyone hyped: it's only 1hp ;)

One of the 120mm fans on my desktop's radiator is making a frequency-shifting rattle-y hum and it's actually the worst sound I've ever heard. Already ordered a new noctua to replace it

Got tired of my keeb sliding around so got a cheap desk mat on amazon. 10/10 a good purchase. Mostly posting as an excuse to show off my Ergodone ;)

Got my Technician license today, im officially a ham!

I just organically visited from a search result on google, a page that's part of Webring. I think it's super cool to accidently wind up on a member of the community's blog.

It's 1am and I need to wake up early to finish getting ready for a trip to Colorado, but I just helped submit ~30 channels to archiveteam in case of emergancy with the whole 'YouTube may remove Infosec/hacking videos' situation.

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