Seriously though,
ᵃᵇᶜᵈᵉᶠᵍʰᶦʲᵏˡᵐⁿᵒᵖ ʳˢᵗᵘᵛʷˣʸᶻ

Some of this album is in .
Much of it was made with as well.

I finished up for anyone interested in knowing the basics about the Fediverse, ActivityPub, and the IndieWeb.

I also published this week. I read quite a bit from other's here. I really enjoyed @ice 's website and toki pona posts in particular.

Currently working on writing which, as you can guess by the URL, is still a WIP. If anyone could review it I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm not dead! I've been meaning to come back to merveilles for a while, just kept being put off until tomorrow. Well, I'm back, and while I was away I wrote a 30,000 word rant on why the way we interact with computers sucks for you all to read:

had this sitting unpublished on the website for a while, so now it's live - a list of 10 things I really wish existed/that I could buy

Said I wouldn't write another personal post for a while... I lied.
Here's a long post about my experience at college over the last 5 years, ending in some nuggets of advice that I hope someone will find valuable.

Yet another personal post, definitely the last one for a while, as I don't want the blog section to just turn into meaningless pools of self reflection

I wrote a blog post about dealing with personal identity and expectations for myself. Trigger warnings for anything relevant to that obviously:

Got a bamboo penny board for xmas, and proceeded to hook it up to 10kv the same night.

Took a friends advice and did some improvements to the text formatting on , it's now hugely more readable in my opinion. I'd welcome more feedback though ^-^

I move my Opinionated Guides project to - sorry for any broken links this causes for anyone ._.

Once this semester is over (which should be ~Nov23rd) I'll try to update you all on the cool stuff I have been working on, what my plans for the future are, and catch up on everything that's been added to the Webring. 2/2

Heyo town ^-^
Sorry I've been so absent over here. I don't think I have COVID, but I am sick and between stress from class and my heart & knee being worse than usual I'm just totally wiped out. Thankfully, I have still managed to do some things. is still progressing, I've been getting a lot better with music, and -while I didn't quite finish it- I made a solid attempt at Inktober this year.
Meanwhile, lurking and seeing creativity in abundance here really does help <3 1/2

last night my ISP had a pretty long outage. when fixed I did the usual local device resets. My pihole didn't come back up :( Dead SD. Re-install&setup, and things are weird. Youtube? Ok. Wikipedia? Nope. Hours of debugging latter- find it's the ISP's routing was still borked. fml

@tendigits over LibreOffice as I really like markdown and despite it not being FOSS I think it's the best option I've tried, though the FOSS marktext is good too. 2/2

@azlen I love your Geological Phonograph project! I know in your blog post on it you said it's not done, but have you considered making it open source?

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