@rek , finally got a chance to read 'Voice of the Ilk' and it's honestly some of the best writing I've read in a long time. Thank you so much for putting such amazing content out there for free!

I also got my 'Opinionated Engineering' project - a large document dedicated to learning electronics, programming, and computing moved over to a GitHub pages static site at opinionatedguide.github.io/Opi and the repo is at github.com/opinionatedguide/op Contributions are more than welcome! The sister doc devoted to learning music and eurorack was updated as well: opinionatedguide.github.io/Opi

Finished the prototype circuit for my first Eurorack module today. Now just need to design it in KiCad and get a batched whipped up to sell. To get everyone hyped: it's only 1hp ;)

One of the 120mm fans on my desktop's radiator is making a frequency-shifting rattle-y hum and it's actually the worst sound I've ever heard. Already ordered a new noctua to replace it

Got tired of my keeb sliding around so got a cheap desk mat on amazon. 10/10 a good purchase. Mostly posting as an excuse to show off my Ergodone ;)

Got my Technician license today, im officially a ham!

I just organically visited electro.pizza from a search result on google, a page that's part of Webring. I think it's super cool to accidently wind up on a member of the community's blog.

It's 1am and I need to wake up early to finish getting ready for a trip to Colorado, but I just helped submit ~30 channels to archiveteam in case of emergancy with the whole 'YouTube may remove Infosec/hacking videos' situation.

Ive been working on an open source book on electronics, programming, and basically everything I know and Im facing a weird choice: do I leave it up on GitHub and limit myself to CC, fair use, and licensed work, or do I make it as good as possible at the cost of including copyright material and try to disociate my name from it?

Wanted to be able to use very small images on a static site I'm working on, and a very long imagemagick command later I can make pictures like this one which is a mere 19.1kb super easily. I might refine the pallete a bit more, as I was going for more of a cyan/red than seafoam/pink look, but it works!

Nothing like trying to clone an 8Gb git repo on 4Mb/s down. I wish my ISP could actually keep me at the speed I pay for sometimes...

I really enjoy working on embeded system, but sometimes... ugh. Debugging when you dont know if the problem is hardware, software, or both is just not fun

approx 30Gb of Downloads qued at 12Mb/s is gonna take 6 hours. RIP. Still better than trying to upload things on my 1Mb/s up though... I bet the cool cats @ 100r get better speed at sea...

⎧Write words they can't forget
⎥Show them art they can't ignore
⎥Give them songs they can't stop singging
⎩Make them remember your name

Like, I just got done with a session of Risk Of Rain 2 (hit me up if you want to play together!) and it was a LOT of fun, and significantly more rewarding than watching someone play Mario Maker.

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