I found a really cool instance tactical urbanism in Barcelona on my recent trip and wrote about it here:


new mastodon members: pls consider putting political content behind a content warning. one of the reasons I left twitter is that I couldn't stomach all of the outrage porn and yelling about issues.

not saying don't post about it ever here, just know that content warnings allow for political content to be an opt-in experience for your followers rather than opt-out πŸ™‚.

either way welcome to mastodon and we're happy you've decided to join us ❀️

very sad re: bandcamp because it seemed like they were going to be good ones but at the same time my recommendation of "don't base your livelihood or anything that you care deeply about on privately owned companies' platforms" seems to still hold strong.

that said, i also understand this is easier said than done for those who aren't software engineers or particularly tech savy.

maybe that means it's on us software people to provide good alternatives for people.

my animal drawing book came in and i tested it out over some microeconomics homework. this is how I express my inner anti-capitalist.

looking back at some of my notes from classes this semester and one thing that I really enjoyed reading about was John Rawls' ideas around "original position." The question is more or less "how would you design a society knowing that you would later be randomly placed in it? That is, you don't know in advance what your role, gender, race, economic status, etc. is."


Hi everyone! I'm a programmer who is obsessed enough with cities that I started going to grad school for urban planning.

I'm interested in finding ways to make cities cleaner/more sustainable, especially when it comes to transportation. tl;dr, I'm all about making more space for people and less space for cars.

In my non work/study time I've recently started working on my own wiki/digital garden, which you can find here: stevegattuso.me/wiki/

I'm very excited to be a part of merveilles!


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