Hi everyone! I'm a programmer who is obsessed enough with cities that I started going to grad school for urban planning.

I'm interested in finding ways to make cities cleaner/more sustainable, especially when it comes to transportation. tl;dr, I'm all about making more space for people and less space for cars.

In my non work/study time I've recently started working on my own wiki/digital garden, which you can find here:

I'm very excited to be a part of merveilles!

@vesto any good resources for encouraging cities to do more bike studies?

@Literally I think it depends on your city but I'd highly recommend checking to see if you have a local bike lobby. here in nyc we have who releases a lot of studies about the benefits of safer streets (for both peds and cyclists). they'll also do occasional protests, signature gathering, and showing up to community meetings to try to put pressure on local reps to reallocate street space away from cars.

seems like the only thing available is at the state level. I will start there.

@neauoire glad to be here! I've been a big fan of your and @rek's work since stumbling on (and subsequently devouring) Busy Doing Nothing over the summer. I'm hoping to give sailing a shot when the east coast warms up in the spring! ⛵️

@vesto @rek it's good to have you, looking forward to following your sailing adventures!

@vesto I wish I'd gotten into urban planning and transit earlier than I did otherwise I would've gotten a minor in it. are you interested in bikes?

@hiroantag emphatically! it's my primary mode of transit :) I also occasional volunteer with my local bike lobbying org to try to get more ped/bike infrastructure built.

@vesto Welcome. I should introduce myself as the one who noticed that there is no land market design that can permit living in cities to become really cheap, and also georgism, and so I designed another way of resolving inevitable occupancy conflicts that wouldn't be subject to those issues:

I still think about it a lot, although it's not my main priority as a project.

@shapr yes :(( I realized most of the people I follow were on this instance + they're switching to which I'm really interested in trying. thankfully the fediverse means we're still as close as before though!!

@vesto Welcome! As a fellow programmer that is a career switch/mix I also find myself contemplating. Do you find work in urban planning too? I remember one of my economics teachers who said she wanted to find work with such a degree but the market was full, at least here in Hungary at that time.

@csepp yeah honestly the job market for planners specifically looks pretty rough. I don't know that I want to abandon tech/programming entirely, rather combine the two into something interesting. I think there are a lot of ways cities could benefit from technology that also doesn't create an orwellian surveillance state.

@vesto glad to have you here, as someone else who’s spent a bunch of time working on non-car mobility!

@vesto It's amazing to have you here. Welcome to the town!.

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