looking back at some of my notes from classes this semester and one thing that I really enjoyed reading about was John Rawls' ideas around "original position." The question is more or less "how would you design a society knowing that you would later be randomly placed in it? That is, you don't know in advance what your role, gender, race, economic status, etc. is."

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@vesto I never saw it called like that before, I remember it called as the veil of ignorance. It's an excellent concept :)

@vesto reminds me of (and jury selection, really)—how would we treat one another, knowing that anybody might be selected for political office?

@suhang oh wow I've never thought of selecting politicians like juries. I wonder if that creates a higher incentive to educate a population + politicians trying to control the education curriculum in order for their ideas and policies to stay alive.

@vesto yeah, you'd want to make sure that everyone has at least some baseline level of competence. (politicians trying to control education happens w/ or w/o sortition imo)

@vesto seems like they practiced sortition in ancient athens, amongst other places, so we know it's practicable. that being said, most of the populace was disenfranchised... another problem that remains unsolved 😕

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