does anyone know if there is a way to expose my mastodon timeline (ie of everyone I follow) as an rss feed? I've been searching around for this but can't even find someone mentioning that they want it. it makes me think I'm just searching for the wrong thing, unless truly nobody but me wants this feature...

@alcinnz @vesto You'd need to do that for every followed account though, and manually sync your feed reader to masto.

Although... an OPML or whatever export could work too... either built into the server or using one of the APIs.

@vesto if you did make something do this, you have to filter out everything that isn't public posts (e.g. followers only), or else you're committing a HUGE breach of trust and privacy if you expose such an RSS feed to the internet.

I hope it doesn't exist easily.

@vesto all I know is that every profile has a feed of their public posts so it would be possible to query the API and build an OPML file of the feeds of all the people you are following and import that into a feed reader. No automatic updates if you follow more people, and no non-public feeds, though.

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