new mastodon members: pls consider putting political content behind a content warning. one of the reasons I left twitter is that I couldn't stomach all of the outrage porn and yelling about issues.

not saying don't post about it ever here, just know that content warnings allow for political content to be an opt-in experience for your followers rather than opt-out 🙂.

either way welcome to mastodon and we're happy you've decided to join us ❤️

For a lot of people 'political' isn't opt-in in any sense of the word, anywhere.

@vesto I’m one of those new here and I have to say I already really like the content warning system: It doesn’t just protect the viewer from their individual triggers. It also makes you stop and think more about what you are posting & how different people might perceive it. That’s a really good thing. Plus, it’s just functional - long posts collapsed down so they don’t flood your timeline and you just open what’s applicable to you. Nice one Masto’ 👏🏻

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