does anyone know if there is a way to expose my mastodon timeline (ie of everyone I follow) as an rss feed? I've been searching around for this but can't even find someone mentioning that they want it. it makes me think I'm just searching for the wrong thing, unless truly nobody but me wants this feature...

my animal drawing book came in and i tested it out over some microeconomics homework. this is how I express my inner anti-capitalist.

@rek @neauoire @cancel omg there is a loving hut in brooklyn... should I go?

@suhang oh wow I've never thought of selecting politicians like juries. I wonder if that creates a higher incentive to educate a population + politicians trying to control the education curriculum in order for their ideas and policies to stay alive.

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@vesto reminds me of (and jury selection, really)β€”how would we treat one another, knowing that anybody might be selected for political office?

@frickhaditcoming I haven't had a chance to export this one into a better format yet but this is my go-to vegan chili that is easy, fast, and very delicious

looking back at some of my notes from classes this semester and one thing that I really enjoyed reading about was John Rawls' ideas around "original position." The question is more or less "how would you design a society knowing that you would later be randomly placed in it? That is, you don't know in advance what your role, gender, race, economic status, etc. is."

@blinry i've been mostly vegan as of late and found it isn't too difficult once you assemble a few staple recipes (mine are mostly legume or tofu based) that you can fall back to when you're feeling lazy. the only thing i've yet to figure out is how to fully resist the peer pressure to eat some cheese or an egg when out with friends or at home with family. a challenge like veganuary sounds like a great excuse to use when resisting though!


@neauoire @kensanata oh yeah i've been meaning to ask, is there a merveilles irc channel?

ok I just bought a book called "how to draw almost every animal" and I am hoping this will be the thing that gets me through another covid winter... I will keep everyone posted with my results.

@neauoire YES! their books + various events around the city got me into socialism. I recently read samuel stein's "capital city" and really enjoyed his view on gentrification as it relates to capital. david harvey is also an excellent author with books(s) published by verso.

@csepp yeah honestly the job market for planners specifically looks pretty rough. I don't know that I want to abandon tech/programming entirely, rather combine the two into something interesting. I think there are a lot of ways cities could benefit from technology that also doesn't create an orwellian surveillance state.

@shapr yes :(( I realized most of the people I follow were on this instance + they're switching to which I'm really interested in trying. thankfully the fediverse means we're still as close as before though!!

@neauoire glad to be here! I've been a big fan of your and @rek's work since stumbling on (and subsequently devouring) Busy Doing Nothing over the summer. I'm hoping to give sailing a shot when the east coast warms up in the spring! ⛡️

@tendigits wow respect for the commitment. every time I try deep frying I end up making an enormous mess of my kitchen and swear that i'll never do it again (even though I inevitably do) lol

@hiroantag emphatically! it's my primary mode of transit :) I also occasional volunteer with my local bike lobbying org to try to get more ped/bike infrastructure built.

@Literally I think it depends on your city but I'd highly recommend checking to see if you have a local bike lobby. here in nyc we have who releases a lot of studies about the benefits of safer streets (for both peds and cyclists). they'll also do occasional protests, signature gathering, and showing up to community meetings to try to put pressure on local reps to reallocate street space away from cars.

@tendigits nice thank you! I've been looking for a good kofta recipe to try to replace the fake meat meatballs I've been using lately in pasta/tomato sauce. presumably these are a bit healthier and tastier.

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