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New here. I requested an invite because I want to try to spend a little more time doing generative art and gamedev in the next few months/years.

Presently, I am teaching an introductory Data Science course, doing a normal job, and parenting a 3 year old which has profoundly limited the time I have to do fun things with computers.

Here are some things I've done:

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@dredmorbius Enclosure. The world would be completely different in every way if we still had a concept of communal property.

facebook is redirected to in my hosts file already.

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@vincent @maxc the environmental innovation paradox is where technology using less resources is being more broadly adopted hence the net resource extraction just keeps climbing.

I'm not sure how this related to spectacle, but on the subject of spectacle and games, I find almost ALL the games that I've seen popping up recently fall into the premium mediocre spectrum where they're explicitly created to be easy to share on twitter.

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@Urbanbike @vincent avec un peu de temps, Google fournira la tech. pour dé-flouter les gens sur Google Maps. 😉

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@vincent on se doute que l’IA fait des miracles mais applique des recettes un peu trop communes !
Dans mon cas, cette application corrigera immédiatement la symétrie de mes yeux (première erreur !) et atténuera la déformation de mon nez alors qu’il est vrillé depuis des décennies (je jouais talonneur au rugby).
Donc une jolie remise en forme du monde qui ne sera jamais conforme de facto.

This time of year I teach a college/grad course on Data Science MTuW in addition to my regular job. It is often the case that I am so tired on Thursday that getting productive work done is a challenge.

Someone has approached me to do a generative art commission for the first time. Hoping it works out if for no other reason than it would be good for my ego.

A little extra cash wouldn't hurt either.

I'm learning SAS for work and its truly insane.

Apparently Timothy Leary said "The PC is the LSD of the 90s." Meditate on that!

Today is the first day of the semester for me. Looking forward to teaching again, but not to the stress.

The month or so between getting vaccinate and the delta variant showing up everywhere sure was nice. What a cruelty to have to return to masks and avoiding indoor spaces.

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@vincent is a web-based Mastodon client that allows you to disable infinite scroll in its settings, along with other wellness settings too 😊

Is there a Mastodon server that doesn't have infinite scroll? I think of infinite scroll as a malfeature primarily designed by engagement hackers. It is funny mastodon seems to have uncritically copied it?

I derive almost no pleasure from either making lists or scratching items off of lists. What lists make me feel is a deep sense of the hopelessness of trying to organize life into any coherent structure.

When I do make todo lists all I am ever struck by is their absurdity in even a few days time and the absence of any strong long term correlation with reality of what I do with my time.

Am I alone in this perception? It often feels that I am.

How many physicists does it take to calculate a scattering amplitude? 1 to write a Lagrangian and 100 grad students to count terms in a Taylor Expansion.

Turns out Quantum Field Theory is just a lot of Taylor Expansions and counting.

Feeling quite burned out lately. Being a parent is hard work.

Per the community guidelines about veganism, would posting about beekeeping be ok with this community?

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