Adobe now requires you to purchase a subscription to rotate PDF pages, which is such comically desperate monetisation. I wish they would stop investing so much time into increasingly aggressive pricing, and just fix their widespread bugs, such as After Effects not being able to render videos (which is its main purpose), or Photoshop becoming worse every year.

@vladh they could have also tried to improve Adobe XD rather than buy Figma for billions. Clearly they're more interested in non-competition than serving their customers.

@vladh @suburbanyam This is the free Adobe Reader. They added this about a year ago.

@barrysampson @vladh Wow, I just tried it and yeah… evidently I never tried this before.

@suburbanyam To be fair to Adobe this is them adding an optional subscription to allow editing in Adobe Reader - a feature that wasn’t previously available. It’s not them removing and then charging for a feature that was previously free, which is how some people tried to present it.

I’m just amazed anyone uses Adobe Reader when there are so many better alternatives!


@vladh as if there aren't a billion free tools for that online like...

@vladh I know that's not the purpose of your toot, but if anyone is reading this and has a similar, basic task like this, visit

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