Are we all already aware of this channel? This video in particular reminded me of @rek & @neauoire

What are everybody's favourite Linux distros in 12,021?

Hmm, anyone here have any experience processing Twitter archive data into something a bit more useable? Specifically looking to chronologically extract tweet text and store it somewhere I can then easily manipulate later.

⚡ Patch v1.7 is now live for 'brieven van de woestijn', bringing a slew of tweaks & changes.

With that is a brand new release trailer.

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podcast. RSS should now be configured and showing up on platforms like Spotify. If it's not, tag me and let me know what's missing.

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Working on a new menu in preparation for the 1.7 update to "brieven van de woestijn."

Deciding to post more of my progress on projects online. I've missed the sense of shared vision & comradery that Merveilles provided.

In the past few months, I've been speaking to many interesting people I've made friends with on- & offline, including Mervs such as @ian, @rutherford, and @brennan, which I've been cataloguing online as a sort of podcast.

The first 9 episodes are already live on:

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