wͬ᷉͡ȩ̳̔ l̸̤ͧi̲̮ͭv̩͉ͯe̽̀᷾ i̸͒ͩn̖̈́᷾ t̳͒᷅h̞̿͡e͋̕͟ v͕᷈̃e̶̺͂x̵̰᷃t̺᷾̚e̯̒͌r̅̐͊m̼̏ͦ

우리를 만드는 것은 세상입니다

my new video for Venetian Snares project Speed Dealer Moms

April Two 11


{{ the secret mind Corgi }}

filmed in Vienna & Hong Kong

วิดีโออายุ 10 ปีซึ่งมีการดูน้อยกว่าสี่ร้อยครั้ง ใต้ดิน!

a compulsive matter that remains lodged in the retina, corrosively burning away and impossible to retract.

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The recollection of a single day is passed over in succession; the day re-lives itself endlessly. This is achieved through original footage of Vienna speekfreakdom and Hong Kong proliferating aggravations, meanwhile as the archetypes rattle the tin can of reality's veneer, through which urgent visual transfusions seep into the eye, and spread out to glut the receiving human body with an addictive substance which is not blood, not morphine, but comes sharply razored with deadly images:

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new video for Speed Dealer Moms: Venetian Snares + John Frusciante released today on Evar Records


Русский крестьянин впервые приехал в Москву и поехал осматривать достопримечательности. Он пошел в зоопарк и увидел жирафов. «Посмотрите, - сказал он, - что большевики сделали с нашими лошадьми».

واقعاً لذت یک شب خوب حول مبادله با عزیزترین عزیزان ما است

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