मलाई लाग्छ मैले फेला पारेको छु

he eivät ole valmiita kaiken kaiken hajoamiseen

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невыносимые организации

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May the chairman of the RIAA stub his toe on a pebble 2 minutes before bedtime and spend the whole night staring at the ceiling whilst pondering his life choices.


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يمكن لأفكار الجميع ضبط عالم جديد

έτοιμος για το ξύπνημα

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"Utilizing a series of publicly available images of DJT we trained a (generative adversarial network) to produce endless incarnations of his visage, albeit with some lucky random deformations that added novelty to the frenetic unfolding of the video. It felt strangely appropriate making literally fake images of a who seems consistently obsessed with all things ."

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We wanted to delineate, in condensed fashion, the tumult of The Trump Administration disaster. The video for exists to give shape and sense to how cruel and unusual this approach to governance is.

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أين هي المؤسسات المدرة للدخل الموثوقة والعادلة لمجموعات الفنانين؟

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