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new vid for Daedelus •••• After After Ever … out today … Simmers Over (Dome of Doom)

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currently listening to Sakai by #Yokubari, a suuuuuper good breakcore/dark/weird/high energy album released by the awesome label, which I am listening to the back catalog of everything they have up for streaming on their bandcamp today
#np #thestudio #listeningtonow

new vid for Daedelus •••• After After Ever … out today … Simmers Over (Dome of Doom)

심장이 있다면 지팡이를 느끼다

“too good to be true” is concentrated wisdom transmuted into language

готов к самому необъяснимому событию

پنج نفری که اینجا هستند تا ما را بیهوده رنج ببرند.

सामग्री जागरूक ब्रश के साथ न चित्रित करें

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In the second weekend of April, 2022, I embarked on a social media experiment: I blocked my most used social media and news sites while continuing to make use of them in the shape of a dedicated social media computer

As part of the experiment I documented what I did, why I did it, and how it was like. You can read that experience report now:

چیزی غیرقابل توضیح در مورد قدم زدن در بهشت سبز

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'xenotopic networks'
is OUT NOW! :blobpats:

This release takes algorhythmic and sound design experiments I worked on for my performance into slightly more polished realm.

Please enjoy and support if you like it and can afford.

:cc_cc: :cc_sa: :cc_by: :bandcamp:

#CreativeCommons #NameYourPrice #SuperCollider #LinuxAudio #MadeWithOpenSource #ArtWithOpenSource

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Art residency program in Oslo, Norway.

- Open Call: 19 May - 20 June
- Residency: 15 November - 10 December

Applications are welcomed from artists, practitioners, theorists and others whose interests and experience are relevant to the residency’s theme (Understanding intelligence: Across human and other-than-human worlds)

#opencall #residency #norway

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چیزی غیرقابل توضیح در دید دیگران، گویی آینه ای به شما می گوید آن را به خودتان بدهید.

키치의 왕국에서 당신은 괴물이 될 것입니다

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