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There is something incredibly calm about this instance. I enjoy having Merveilles open in the background, for some reason it's encouraging rather than distracting.

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New from me on Constraint Systems:
Fracture is an experimental image editor. Shatter and recombine images using a grid of viewports.
Try it at

when a machine elf gleefully tosses you a 7-dimensional ‘Fabergé egg’ across a 9-dimensional room

some good vibr hearing about sean dimentia & pre napster FTP server communities

die Herde als Information höherer Ordnung, die den einzelnen Star bestellt

video dump from Capitol insurrection January 6th 2021 // approx 1000 videos + meta-data

قهوة طازجة في الصباح ، مذاقها نقي وصادق.

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η παλίρροια έχει γυρίσει


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