opens tonight at 💀 so proud of this whole cast & design team. thank you for having me in collaboration. madness.

⚡️𝜤𝜯’𝐒 𝔄-𝔩-𝔦-𝔳-𝔢 ⚡️

il faisait terriblement sombre dans la salle de contrôle

nice involvement with this fabulous and fertile crew // lending my capacities in +

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‪Ɓeϣildeȓɪnğ & ƀǝgύilinɠ! ‬

‪the creature comes ѦԼIѶE ࠺࠽ ‬

‪Mary Shelley’s ⁦‪‬⁩ by ⁦‪‬⁩ ⁦‪

‪begins previews ҂ tonight ҂ ‬
‪world premiere Feb 19 - March 1‬


कामकाजी बल अडियो

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wͬ᷉͡ȩ̳̔ l̸̤ͧi̲̮ͭv̩͉ͯe̽̀᷾ i̸͒ͩn̖̈́᷾ t̳͒᷅h̞̿͡e͋̕͟ v͕᷈̃e̶̺͂x̵̰᷃t̺᷾̚e̯̒͌r̅̐͊m̼̏ͦ

todos los eventos de ese período parecen confusos e indistintos

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пробил барьер бластбита прошлой ночью

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