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wrote a custom export plugin today to make my necromancy of ancient game consoles more powerful. Haven't tested that the exported data is actually valid yet, just enjoying a moment of triumph before risking reality 🏆

@somnius @neauoire merveilles css theme onthe 'report user' interface means it's really difficult to read the text in the posts you're trying to report

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The DOS Games Jam has ended. There's lots of cool new DOS games and stuff inspired by that era here

Acquired three works of classic literature* to add to my bookshelf

Alakajam this weekend! I have a real love-hate relationship with writing shaders, but I'm pretty happy with my water deformation for this entry.

Did an ' inspired' gamejam, so I made a version of minesweeper wrapped in a veneer of visual-novel, that runs on DOS. Also works in DOSBOX if for some reason you don't have a 486 with VGA available voxel.itch.io/disksweeper

the audiobook is just too hard to follow, ordered a second hand copy of the book for $2

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But understanding the elements and tools of persuasive speech feels important to me at this point in my life. Not because I have a burning desire to persuade anyone (other than perhaps my child to at least *try* his vegetables), but because these are weapons and techniques constantly fielded against us by politicians and deployed by marketers and lobbyists to influence our behaviour. I'd like to be a little less blind to it.

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In retrospect, an english librivox recording of Aristotle's 'Rhetoric' was probably not the best choice of light listening while I did some housework


Small scale coffee bean processing at my parents place

Me: do you need to use the bathroom?
Child: nope!
Me: *sits on the toilet*
Child: daddy hurry up I have to poop right now!

Like clockwork

Loofah harvest. Vege-sponges that grow up my stairs, trying to creep into the house. Too big for my 250mm ruler to measure. These will be used for washing dirty humans and dishes, though maybe not simultaneously

Spent better part of an hour setting up my network printer in Gentoo Linux just so I could make some nice bootleg tape sleeves. Somehow they got scaled down slightly


Awake in the dark hours against my will, making the most of it by bending my three day laminated dough into misshapen croissants.

Expectations are low, had to deviate from the recipe after accidentally using 'lite milk' with a very high water content, but it has been good practice

gamejam, programmer graphics 

this might be the end of the project for me. Some test enemies with slime trails the player can walk through and spread.

Having too many performance related issues with the MSDOS version, I don't think I want to spend the time optimising what is never going to be a very efficient method of drawing the visible game area.

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