Added dynamic lighting to my raycaster, thrown light glyphs light up the environment as they pass.

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@voxel awesome! are those raised ledges in shot #3?

@tty no , just a transparent wall about 1/3 of a block high. i have another raycaster with arbitrary height walls but its too slow for the target hardware 😔

@voxel beautiful 🎉 what hardware are you targeting?

I wrote this one on ~2008 hardware and could get ~60fps:

@tty i wanted mine to run on a 386 DOS machine, or 486 at a push. I don't think I can do it without getting into x86 assembly though, which is kind of an awful experience. is your one playable anywhere?

@voxel I lost the original source code 😿 , it was back when I used subversion + some server. I just have the opengl rewrite source.

Getting something like that running on a {3,4}86 sounds challenging, but would be super cool.

I always wondered how the heck they made Outcast so fast:

@tty haha yeah, there's a reason why raycasting was dropped in favour of sector rendering and BSP in later graphics engines

This looks great @voxel! I love all of the lo-tech wall and roof masks you have going on, the aesthetic is really nice.

@voxel super cool! What's the song you're listening to during the vid?
@voxel ahh, it sounded like meth lab stuff. Thanks!

@ruby0x1 maybe, if the engine is good for anything by then

@voxel nice! is this just a distance check or are you testing for visibility too? (ie.: does the light shine through walls?)

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