Playing some solar powered Game Boy Color in the garden

its actually just a usb power pack with a built in solar charger, takes almost a week to charge, no idea how much game boy it'll power but i imagine a solid couple of days

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@voxel I think I have that same pack and i wonder what the actual output of that solar panel is haha


Some basic math will answer that. Divide the power bank's capacity in mAh by the current drain of the gameboy.

You could try to add in whatever charge current the solar cell is producing, but being so small it's likely not much.

@abortretryfail i think we're talking about the output of panel and not the entire power brick. the panel (slowly) charges a normal internal lipo, which then powers the game boy (and also my phone) that's just a powerbank.
I think it was proven that these panels are fakes (mostly) or gather too little power to do anything

@replikvlt this power pack has only ever been charged from the sun, it just takes forever

@voxel ha this is great! are you charging it through the aux port somehow?

@tty theres a 3V DC port on (most?) Game Boys, this one has 5V standard USB output being pumped in it.

@voxel Very impressive! How do you managed to do this?

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