It's silly to be sentimental over mass produced consumer electronics, but I really love taking obsolete hardware and reanimating it with new code, feels like necromancy. Helping to keep these machines out of landfills is an added bonus.

Got a 2nd hand Dreamcast circa 1999 and have started the rituals to develop a new game for it - this means burning a 1 use CDR for each build so I'm holding off until my networking equipment arrives, but i had to at least try running *one build* in the mean time

...once the networking stuff arrives I can build and deploy over the network connection directly to the dreamcast, and test without wasting a CD-R each time, in theory!

@voxel the Dreamcast!!! Probably one of my favorite consoles. Shenmue, Chu Chu Rocket, and homebrew on any old CD-R! 😍

@voxel Many years ago I ported QNX to the Dreamcast and would deploy builds over a serial cable. It's a fun machine! I still think about continuing that project sometimes.

@SpindleyQ oh wow, does that mean a usable desktop environment on the console?

@voxel I had Photon running, yeah! I didn’t quite have the full desktop going with launcher menus and everything but there’s no reason it wouldn’t have worked; I was just focussed on bringing up hardware at the time.

@voxel I still regret selling my Dreamcast stuff. It was the best console of them all, in the 'goodest boy' kind of way.

@stevelord any favourite games? I've been playing Maken X (came with the system) but it's a japanese copy and I have no idea if I'm missing out by not being able to parse the plot

@voxel Headhunter, Sega Bass Fishing, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, Soul Calibur, Rez and Shenmue. All available from I think.

@stevelord I've been playing quite a bit of Rez on it, I'll have to see if I can get the others working. But I don't know if I have the free time to get into Shenmue, seems like a serious commitment

@voxel It is, especially considering the day job work you have to do. Shemue II fixes the grind but a lot of time in Shenmue is spent doing mundane stuff early on that doesn't move the game forward. Oh also Jet Set/Grind Radio is worth playing too.

@voxel This sounds neat, can you elaborate on how to deploy across the network? I'm still using a GDEMU and an SD card.

@moparisthebest im using the broadband adapter (replaces the modem), but you can use a serial cable too. The Dreamcast runs a network server that waits for my dev machine to send an elf to run. Search 'dcload' for more info.

I'm hoping to document my setup but I'm still waiting on a week delayed-in-post tripod that I ordered from a seller five kilometres away to arrive 😣

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