I did a gamejam entry last month that got picked up by a few sites, which you'd think would be nice, but mostly it has meant a bunch of mean comments (not all entirely undeserved) about my game, by people that haven't actually played it. kind of crappy

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@csepp these are on third party sites where im not in control of the comments, but i could just avoid them

@voxel I haven't seen the official GUI in a while, but that looks like Youtube. Which I thought let you disable comments on any uploads.

@csepp this is some kind of 'brand news' website called hypebeast, which I only discovered because someone mentioned my game had an 'article' on there. I guess most comment sections look the same nowadays anyway

@voxel RAYKA? I just watched part of a let's play... the dock level is really nice! I love the art.

@whtrbt yeah! i dont want to post it here though, i think its a bad fit for merveilles.

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