I'm putting on a 4 hour amiga cracktro soundtrack and I'm not getting up until I've finished writing this map renderer*

*fluid in/out pitstops excepted

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Distractions are piling up; there's some kind of invisible grit on my mousemat, like running over gravel. Wiped the mouse and mat but it still feels like OFFROAD MOUSING

However, I am making some good progress with the renderer. The idea is to model arbitrary modular rooms in blender and munge them into a format I can display efficiently on the Dreamcast. The rooms snap together at predefined portal points, and select appropriate mesh geometry depending on whether they're connected to another room or not. Although I have no plans to let players build levels, the map editor will run in-engine rather than being a standalone tool.

Previous dreamcast prototype saw me defining all map geometry 'by hand' per vertex and hardcoding it into the engine. This was fine for a boring square room but not really practical for a game with more than a couple of locations. Plus it's hell to edit after the fact

@voxel probably the feet on your mouse are worn down. You can buy cheap sticky back replacements that you can cut to size with scissors.

@danielcassidy im a obsessive mouse cleaner and pad replacer! my last mouse had no original external parts by the time i finally stopped using it. The mouse is really OK, its just some kind of microfine dirt getting into my office somehow. Maybe it's just me turning to dust?

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