Development from your phone, is it possible? I'm usually not more than a few steps away from a desktop computer so I've never really put much effort into researching the viability. But it's storm season here and I'd like to do something on my (i)phone other than browse cat photos on mastodon

Sorry, I mean software development, not photo development of bad lightning pictures

i feel like an assembler for 6502 or Z80 would be good for a phone. Fairly terse syntax, doesnt need many screen columns, emulatable on mobile without using an entire battrry charge

@voxel theres a few apps for python and the like, or you can always use a console like Blink to connect to a server and develop on there

@voxel I'm working a mobile writing setup, made of an iPad + external keyboard.

I'm now using an application called iSH that basically QEMUs an Alpine Linux system. From there, I SSH into one of my computers, and I'm ready to go!

Otherwise, I guess I could also work locally, but I don't trust the emulated environment too much yet

@raelzero that sounds like a cool setup but what im poorly articulating is that during the big storms all my wires devices are unplugged and offline, so id like to keep it local to one device

@voxel I don't know about iPhone but I've been playing around with Termux, ANLinux and a keyboard on my android phone for a while.

@voxel The author of Picolisp does all Picolisp development on his tablet using his own (I think) input method Penta, which allows him to type very fast using different combinations of the five fingers on one hand.
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