I need a new keyboard after the left column of my 4.5 year old pok3r died in mysterious circumstances probably involving my five year old child and a cup of water. I'm thinking about trying a split keyboard (probably at least partially DIY) but it's a lot of money to spend on something I might hate

@voxel You can try a split keyboard with sandwich fr4 case(instead of more expensive aluminum case). crkbd is a great open source split ergo keyboard to start with. The kit cost about $60 but require soldering. Swiches and keycaps would cost extra but they are reusable.

@mnmlyw im thinking about the Sofle, i can get a pcb and components kit in Australia for AU$90 which is good compared to the price I'll have to pay to import a kit internationally

@voxel Just checked out Sofle. It looks pretty awesome too. It's good to just start with the one that is more accessible to you.

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