Trying to buy one ~A4 sized piece of sheet metal (any metal at all at this point) and my options are either order five tonnes of it on a spool from a local supplier or pay $50 shipping to get some from China. Difficulty sourcing materials is why I normally stick to software projects

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@voxel I know that feeling. You could probably find a company that laser cuts custom metal shapes and just order a rectangle.

@d this is exactly what I'm looking for, just on the wrong side of the planet 😅

@voxel yeah, I figured that might be why the A4 reference! Ah well, this is definitely a problem with prototyping, I see people talking about ordering from Digikey and McMaster-Carr all the time as though there's no cost/quantity/shipping impediment, and I know they're either far richer, far dumber, or far more sponsored than I am.

@voxel try to source it from a local scrapyard maybe?

@pavel ended up getting some blank pcb sheets and was also donated two aluminium sheets, but they're too thick and will need to be milled down, which might be beyond my baby cnc

@voxel another issue with hardware projects is that you have to store them somewhere which can quickly become a disaster!

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