can someone here on merveilles record themselves pronouncing 'merveilles' for me? my english/australian self is fairly confident i'm butchering it horribly

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@voxel less jokey tho, here's a phonetic attempt:

@voxel @cblgh Don't forget the eerie pad in the background, definitely the hardest part :P

@ritualdust damn lizbeth where u hiding these pads, ambient album when??

@megabyteGhost @ritualdust thanks for the link! kinda always assumed it would be extremely hard metal due to lizbeth's heavy metal lettering XD (im more aligned with low-key spooky ambient than screamo in yr face-o)

@cblgh @ritualdust I love the concept of "ritual industrial". I was trying to use phrases like "tribal industrial" to explain the sound I was going for in songs like Deadmans_Switch and Sand_n_Bones but maybe "ritual industrial" fits better.

I don't know but I know I'm definitely going to make some for the next album.

@cblgh @megabyteGhost that makes sense haha, we’re definitely inspired by metal but it’s not what our soundly mainly is. i’ve also always like to do black-metal-like visuals for all kinds of projects :P

@voxel Where did i put this pronunciation video now :P

@Gargron @outie @voxel I would have guessed "mer VAYLS" as a U.S. pronunciation. We've already got Notre Dame ("NO der DAYM"), Cairo ("KAY roh"), and Valparaiso ("val pah RAY zoh"). ;)

To answer the original question: with a "z" at the end.

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