@voxel gotta love modern monetisation practices. Why use your creativity to create when you can instead channel it into making more money doing the exact same things as before? ;)


"Our deepest apologies. Your lease on life has unfortunately expired, and you have not enough finances or muscle power to renew. A terminator will soon pay you a visit. Thank you for using our earth."

@voxel thing is: It was clear right from the start what'll happen to such services.

Only "you" didn't listen, because streaming (or whatever) was so much more convenient.

And I'm still here, with all my bought DVDs that I backuped onto my NAS for equal convenience. Quality is still crap, but will never change.

@drazraeltod Torrenting is pretty convenient too, and you can get 4K HDR or whatever you want.

@owl @voxel it kinda is.

unless you count "I get mail by some shady lawyers all X years, because I forgot something for hiding who I am" as somewhat inconvenient

let's face it: all those highly shady stuff did actually kinda work in the end

@voxel@merveilles.town If I ever change my profile pic, which I probably won't, I will change it to Captain Redbeard.

@voxel insulin+, aww yeah that's the good stuff 👌

@voxel I’d just like to point out we’re already on the third panel
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