I've entered a this weekend and decided (perhaps unwisely) to try and make a game in 48 hours. I'm using C in a free web IDE designed for this purpose 8bitworkshop.com/v3.7.1/ learning to work with neslib is slow going, but realistically I'm probably miles ahead of where I'd be if I were learning 6502 assembly for this

Development from your phone, is it possible? I'm usually not more than a few steps away from a desktop computer so I've never really put much effort into researching the viability. But it's storm season here and I'd like to do something on my (i)phone other than browse cat photos on mastodon

Not to suggest you should ever need an excuse to play, but one great side effect of having a 5 year old kid is that he's always keen to play Lego, which means *I* get to play Lego too.

Annoyed Possum just got thrown out this tree by a bigger Possum and is now pouting, didnt even care that I was there

Previous dreamcast prototype saw me defining all map geometry 'by hand' per vertex and hardcoding it into the engine. This was fine for a boring square room but not really practical for a game with more than a couple of locations. Plus it's hell to edit after the fact

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However, I am making some good progress with the renderer. The idea is to model arbitrary modular rooms in blender and munge them into a format I can display efficiently on the Dreamcast. The rooms snap together at predefined portal points, and select appropriate mesh geometry depending on whether they're connected to another room or not. Although I have no plans to let players build levels, the map editor will run in-engine rather than being a standalone tool.

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All my game development knowledge is from experimentation and gleaned piecemeal from a thousand online guides, forum posts and incomplete tutorials. Reading this opengl textbook is overwhelming just for the pure information density.

I did a gamejam entry last month that got picked up by a few sites, which you'd think would be nice, but mostly it has meant a bunch of mean comments (not all entirely undeserved) about my game, by people that haven't actually played it. kind of crappy

Chilli tonight, harvested a couple of habaneros that i grew from seed, this will only be the second time i've eaten produce i've grown myself 😇. No idea how hot they'll make the chilli

successfully wrangled new $4 cushions onto my headphones after last pair disintegrated in December. this is the fourth set of pads over 12 years, glad to repair and save money, but even more thankful i dont have to read through hundreds of headphone reviews to try and choose a replacement set 😳


Won't link because I'm not here to self promote, but my msdos game got a physical release late last year and I just received my copy. It's nice to have something tangible for the work I put into the game, but really I'd be happy with just the stickered floppy disk

My partner has been working from home and needed a foot stool for under her desk, so I designed and made an adjustable one. The foot panel has grooves on the back to keep it in place, and it slots in between these spike looking things to let you choose the angle.

Unfortunately it doesn't do the one angle she actually wants, which is parallel to the floor. Guess I should have asked more detailed questions beforehand.

Made using inkscape and a little home cnc machine in

Started a new, empty world in my raycaster engine for a gamejam project. It's the first time I've loaded an empty world since adding lights, so it was mostly dark. But after a minute I noticed lights moving in the distance, though nothing should be there. After being creeped out for a minute I realised these 'Ghost Lights' are uninitialised memory being parsed as valid data, and now I'm reluctant to remove the little ghosts living in my empty world

woke up on top of a hill in semi rural Queensland today. I think i saw a wallaby hopping away

discovered my little laser will cut paper so now im lasing some decorative shapes and hopefully some text to add to what is surely the greatest gifts of 2020

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found a spare power supply and managed to finish this mini bottle carrier, cassette for scale

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converting some scrap ply into a christmas gift with my little underpowered CNC machine

It's silly to be sentimental over mass produced consumer electronics, but I really love taking obsolete hardware and reanimating it with new code, feels like necromancy. Helping to keep these machines out of landfills is an added bonus.

Got a 2nd hand Dreamcast circa 1999 and have started the rituals to develop a new game for it - this means burning a 1 use CDR for each build so I'm holding off until my networking equipment arrives, but i had to at least try running *one build* in the mean time

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