@flip @djm also you cant copyright a written recipe itself in most places but wrapping it in a story makes it an original work and gives you some modicrum of legal leverage over it

envious of the apparent sufficient levels of sleep you must all be getting to be participating in advent of code

@oak a 7DFPS where you have to compile every weapon from source and they explode if your cflags were invalid

@zens what would your ideal (post pandemic) party look like?

@corey @neauoire i taught my five year old to count binary on his fingers and his kindergarten teachers contacted me concerned that he didnt know how to count

@zens @deianeira i remember getting supercollider and buzzmachines talking to eachother and feeling like a real hacker. never used it for anything though

@hakan_geijer i know i'll be having nightmares about The Skinsphere tonight now

@ruby0x1 maybe, if the engine is good for anything by then

what's the mastodon etiquette for when you find an ongoing thread you really like with numerous posts and want to spam that favourite button - is it rude/creepy to fave them all, should I just favourite a couple and act cool?

Added dynamic lighting to my raycaster, thrown light glyphs light up the environment as they pass.

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@goosey does it have any relation to the classic game?

@tty haha yeah, there's a reason why raycasting was dropped in favour of sector rendering and BSP in later graphics engines

@tty i wanted mine to run on a 386 DOS machine, or 486 at a push. I don't think I can do it without getting into x86 assembly though, which is kind of an awful experience. is your one playable anywhere?

@tty no , just a transparent wall about 1/3 of a block high. i have another raycaster with arbitrary height walls but its too slow for the target hardware 😔

@tty theres a 3V DC port on (most?) Game Boys, this one has 5V standard USB output being pumped in it.

@abortretryfail i think we're talking about the output of panel and not the entire power brick. the panel (slowly) charges a normal internal lipo, which then powers the game boy (and also my phone)

@replikvlt this power pack has only ever been charged from the sun, it just takes forever

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