@wzqtparor yeah! i love how this one looks but im always concerned the rotor makes them quite loud

I am extemely A Sucker for any kind of volumetric display hardware, this looks fun youtu.be/sVv1oc14X1w

@jameschip aint nobody got time to type struct everytime they want to use it

@chotrin @neauoire the 7 day roguelike challenge starts in... 3 minutes, good chance to make one no? itch.io/jam/7drl-challenge-202

@Sophistifunk that sounds like it would actually be useful, so no. I'm not revealing what this is until it's done so I can just change direction every time I come up against a problem I can't solve without consequences

i didn't forget about this I'm just mired in a losing fight against the #6502 to achieve efficiently branchless sign respecting fixed factor division

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@grumpysmiffy I'm sure you know this already but thought I'd mention, I bought paperclips last year to use on a solderless breadboard, turned out they were 'non conductive'. Took me ages to learn that they're (often) sold coated in a non conductive lacquer that needs to be removed somehow at the point of contact

@ralismark the real 'proof of work' was the complete annihilation of the environment

@zens in 2021 i can't be sure this wasn't intentional

Starting a thread for a little side project with no explanation

@zens really though im completely agnostic to what text editor people use, they're all bad in different ways

@zens you'd think the trauma of being a vim user would make people impervious to all other forms of psychological torture

@olligobber every application, whether it knows it or not, draws a line of trust somewhere. With user input the line tends to be quite close to the concept of 'security' but there's no rule that says you can't choose to eat the distrust line like a piece of delicious abstract spaghetti and let everyone do whatever they like

@zens didn't see it, I'm going to assume you posted a thread that just asked for comments

@alcinnz extremely nitpicking point but at first i thought the open G in GIT was Ç

@zens did you see geod.itch.io/3dsenpc ? tries to intelligently make NES games 3D, relies largely on someone making a definition profile for each game I think

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