my 2012 'macbook pro retina' is finally on its way out, glue that holds the display glass in place is disintegrating. I don't actually 'need' a laptop at the moment, I only ever work at my desk and have a chonky 'desktop' pc in a small server tower - but I 'like' having a laptop available. Maybe I can convince myself to wait until release their modular 'right to repair' laptops in Australia.

@unfa 3D is still something of a mystery to me - would you use a UV packer like this if you were going on to draw the texture(s) manually in an art package, or is this kind of workflow intended for something more like substance painter where the texturing is painted onto a 3D view of the model after unwrapping? Or something else entirely

Somewhat to my own surprise I managed to repair a floppy drive today by reflowing some solder joints. Drive now reinstalled in my desktop for maximum clunky, tactile computing

- Took a break from a medium length to do a shorter gamejam over the weekend I might have an issue saying no to jams.

The selected jam theme was 'ROBOTS' - I made a pretty silly Cannon-Fodder like run around and shoot people using

Game is playable in browser at if you're interested

very quick (two minutes?) dither shader written in godot's shader language to get an idea of how much work would be involved in writing a 'real' one, pretty easy!

@tickfoot when are they adding scent to mastodon because these look like they would make the whole room smell good 👍

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Might have stayed up till 3AM reading DTACK GROUNDED, 'Journal of simple 68000 systems'

@grumpysmiffy how do your bosses/coworkers feel about your attempts at German? I did some work with some Polish group and they made it extremely clear that they had no time or inclination to deal with my attempts at using their language

@cinebox one of my first paid development tasks was to fix a problem like this for some ancient software we didn't have the source to. Made a local proxy that pretended to be the remote server, let the user enter all their data and only connected to the super unreliable server once everything was done. Worked great until the users realised they didn't even need to connect to the vpn to get an apparent positive submission 😬

@swashberry ideally and with infinite translation resources you'd list each language recognised in that country. This is even more appropriate if you're going beyond one translation per 'language' and are able to perform cultural localisation. Consider the differences between the flavours of English, or how certain symbols and topics are taboo in some nations or cultures. An easy example is how games localised for Germany don't display the Nazi flag

Volunteered to help make a costume for my 6yo, assuming it wasnt needwd until halloween, but apparently 'dress up as your favourite book character' is tomorrow. Can anyone guess what this is?

@linear the boring reply is to point out that 68k amiga quake exists. i dont know if its interopable with other versions for multiplayer though

@runevision @Tak no evidence specifically for language selection, but there's lots of research that recommends use of icons in addition to text labels for helping dyslexics (and non dyslexics too)

@runevision @Tak I wouldnt argue flags are a better choice, but I still think having the extra visual cue improves accessibility, especially for users with dyslexia or other reading impairment. Imagine hitting Dutch instead of Deutsch. I'd preference accessibility over causing minor annoyance at a Brit being shown the US flag etc.

@Tak @runevision and you feel that reduces the utility of having flags next to language names?

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