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I made a little game for . I wrote a full wolf3d style raycaster in C, originally targetting MS-DOS but then switched to windows and linux for various reasons

Dreamt of a bat with a face covered in human teeth. It flew like a drone without flapping its wings. I tried to close the door but it started to seep through the gap. No more naps for me

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made the second half of the keyboard shell today... and tested the magnet snapping.

[satisfaction intensifies]

not only did this not work but i blew up my cheap ebay power supply😬

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I don't want to buy a $200 eeprom programmer to flash this chip so trying to rig one myself from an arduino. I need 16 bits for address and another 8 for data, plus a control signal or two, which is more pins than my arduino has. So I'm also including a partially complete buffer board from my Z80 computer project to buffer the data and address busses

I'm a retro games and software developer interested in home fabrication of electronics. I speak Z80 assembly and C


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