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been learning guitar this month and my left hand fingertips are turning into callouses. this makes playing easiser but keyboard typing is now alien and difficult 😩


Won't link because I'm not here to self promote, but my msdos game got a physical release late last year and I just received my copy. It's nice to have something tangible for the work I put into the game, but really I'd be happy with just the stickered floppy disk

My partner has been working from home and needed a foot stool for under her desk, so I designed and made an adjustable one. The foot panel has grooves on the back to keep it in place, and it slots in between these spike looking things to let you choose the angle.

Unfortunately it doesn't do the one angle she actually wants, which is parallel to the floor. Guess I should have asked more detailed questions beforehand.

Made using inkscape and a little home cnc machine in

Started a new, empty world in my raycaster engine for a gamejam project. It's the first time I've loaded an empty world since adding lights, so it was mostly dark. But after a minute I noticed lights moving in the distance, though nothing should be there. After being creeped out for a minute I realised these 'Ghost Lights' are uninitialised memory being parsed as valid data, and now I'm reluctant to remove the little ghosts living in my empty world

failing to sleep, laying awake having pointless arguments with fictional versions of people in my head. none of them had any helpful advice regarding sleep

first time back in the (home) gym since early november when i hurt myself, body parts all functioning correctly but under loud protest. i think thigh muscles will be on strike tomorrow 😬

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woke up on top of a hill in semi rural Queensland today. I think i saw a wallaby hopping away

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Reminding myself today of a quote I found anonymously online:

“if you feel like everyone hates you, you need to sleep,
and if you feel like you hate everyone else, you need to eat.”

for anyone curious about laser safety, im wearing a pair of (cheap) laser goggles and only look at the laser through a camera. as much as i want to watch the purple death ray i have never seen even the low power targetting mode with my naked eyes

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discovered my little laser will cut paper so now im lasing some decorative shapes and hopefully some text to add to what is surely the greatest gifts of 2020

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found a spare power supply and managed to finish this mini bottle carrier, cassette for scale

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converting some scrap ply into a christmas gift with my little underpowered CNC machine

...once the networking stuff arrives I can build and deploy over the network connection directly to the dreamcast, and test without wasting a CD-R each time, in theory!

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It's silly to be sentimental over mass produced consumer electronics, but I really love taking obsolete hardware and reanimating it with new code, feels like necromancy. Helping to keep these machines out of landfills is an added bonus.

Got a 2nd hand Dreamcast circa 1999 and have started the rituals to develop a new game for it - this means burning a 1 use CDR for each build so I'm holding off until my networking equipment arrives, but i had to at least try running *one build* in the mean time

envious of the apparent sufficient levels of sleep you must all be getting to be participating in advent of code

what's the mastodon etiquette for when you find an ongoing thread you really like with numerous posts and want to spam that favourite button - is it rude/creepy to fave them all, should I just favourite a couple and act cool?

Added dynamic lighting to my raycaster, thrown light glyphs light up the environment as they pass.

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