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augh, i've failed. I thought I had come up with a clever way to simulate waves in water on the NES that I could animate at 30fps, and have boats move through it leaving wakes that interact and reflect from islands - but it runs at about 10fps and is buggy even then. Might come back to this later but I've already spent two full days on what was supposed to be a 30 minute experiment 😢

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i ate junk food for the first time in two months, it wasnt really enjoyable and now my mouth just tastes of regret 😟

I am extemely A Sucker for any kind of volumetric display hardware, this looks fun

i didn't forget about this I'm just mired in a losing fight against the #6502 to achieve efficiently branchless sign respecting fixed factor division

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Starting a thread for a little side project with no explanation

Writing a NES game in C was fun but I don't know if I'd do it again. The overhead of having to learn how someone's library and toolchain expects you to use it can be significant, and for me seriously diminishes the meditative simplicity of low level development. Assembly can mean a much slower pace but also necessitates a more thorough personal understanding of what is happening and why.

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For me the real joy of 8bit development is when things like this happen.

In this instance the music player library was using the same memory region as my video update buffer, so changes to the audio state were being reflected as a kind of semi-chaotic visualisation.

In the end I was able to manually relocate the music player's RAM region to a valid area where nothing was being clobbered. Shows that you can't always trust the linker to do a safe job of assigning space

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I made a game using a web IDE over the weekend. You can download / play / edit it here

Code quality actually started out OK but over the last 1/8 of the jam deteriorated into a real mess. Feel free to judge me

I've entered a this weekend and decided (perhaps unwisely) to try and make a game in 48 hours. I'm using C in a free web IDE designed for this purpose learning to work with neslib is slow going, but realistically I'm probably miles ahead of where I'd be if I were learning 6502 assembly for this

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i feel like an assembler for 6502 or Z80 would be good for a phone. Fairly terse syntax, doesnt need many screen columns, emulatable on mobile without using an entire battrry charge

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Sorry, I mean software development, not photo development of bad lightning pictures

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Development from your phone, is it possible? I'm usually not more than a few steps away from a desktop computer so I've never really put much effort into researching the viability. But it's storm season here and I'd like to do something on my (i)phone other than browse cat photos on mastodon

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You can also listen for "free" on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, and probably all the others.

Or download for free at

Thanks for the support!! You're helping make my dreams come true.

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how do I write a multi-toot thread without spamming the local timeline, anyone?

also I need a way to author collision geometry intelligently - I don't want to use the complex 'visual' geo for collision detection because it will be too slow, so every map area needs an additional invisible 'collision' geometry layer, a hidden world or dimension that can not be seen by the player but can be 'felt' as it determines where the characters can move

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