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Might have got carried away with this placeholder website background

the dog eschews your concept of a designated sleeping 'bed' area and instead decides that the busiest intersection between rooms in the house is a much better nap zone

my 2012 'macbook pro retina' is finally on its way out, glue that holds the display glass in place is disintegrating. I don't actually 'need' a laptop at the moment, I only ever work at my desk and have a chonky 'desktop' pc in a small server tower - but I 'like' having a laptop available. Maybe I can convince myself to wait until release their modular 'right to repair' laptops in Australia.

Somewhat to my own surprise I managed to repair a floppy drive today by reflowing some solder joints. Drive now reinstalled in my desktop for maximum clunky, tactile computing

- Took a break from a medium length to do a shorter gamejam over the weekend I might have an issue saying no to jams.

The selected jam theme was 'ROBOTS' - I made a pretty silly Cannon-Fodder like run around and shoot people using

Game is playable in browser at if you're interested

very quick (two minutes?) dither shader written in godot's shader language to get an idea of how much work would be involved in writing a 'real' one, pretty easy!

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Might have stayed up till 3AM reading DTACK GROUNDED, 'Journal of simple 68000 systems'

Volunteered to help make a costume for my 6yo, assuming it wasnt needwd until halloween, but apparently 'dress up as your favourite book character' is tomorrow. Can anyone guess what this is?

doing some for a 'Magical Girl' game jam, first working build with sprites on the screen . I promise* it'll look more interesting later

Cut an arcade fightstick panel from an aluminium sheet on my cnc machine today. Would have taken 20 minutes with a drill if i had the right sized hole saw bits, but instead it took five hours of cycling between very slow milling and stopping to fix the cnc. it's underpowered for this task


I'm now fully vaccinated and my primary feeling is .. guilt? I got mine earlier than scheduled, presumably because there was spare capacity or unallocated doses. I feel like I skipped the line, but at least I know my dose didn't go to waste?

Check out the (ridiculously huge and cheap) Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid. 1000 games for as little as USD $5, including one from yours truly. Lots of good ones in here.

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"Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place.

Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it."

-- Brian W. Kernighan and P. J. Plauger (in The Elements of Programming Style)

hopefully the rest of the cheaper components weren't worth faking? now I doubt every integrated circuit in the house

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worst of all, a video came out a year later about this practice of relabeling chips as something more expensive, and it's *specifically* about these TMS VDPs

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Took me over two years from buying a pair of these 80s era video display processor chips to being able to verify that actually I might not be too stupid to use them, because they're 100% fake (verified electrically against values from known working chips published online)

A contact at a work client died, and their colleagues sent an email to inform me, which I appreciate. What I appreciate somewhat less is that every subsequent email they've sent me has been a reply to that original notification, with the morbid subject line intact. Starting a new email thread myself doesn't seem to help, I get an automated reply and then later a human response on the death thread

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