If you're feeling spicy, I wrote a small introduction on setting up a personal overlay.

Woof Android Studio is huge. Is there a way to make minimal Android apps with just a Makefile and the NDK or something?


Today on things to ponder: how COVID19 is effecting prisoners. There are fascinating parallels in here given that everyone probably feels isolated and trapped.

Today in Things I've Learned: I built a Gentoo Package Overlay. It's super minor but now I can install 38-moths on gentoo RIGHT THROUGH PORTAGE!

I wrote a post on setjmp/longjmp instead of programming this morning. Check it out if you're looking for some C esotericism:

So is there a resource for turning quarantine into an escape room? I wanna DIY some stuff

I've been switching code over to and so far I really like it: It's minimal, opinionated and has zero javascript.

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