Hi I'm Wally. I've been around for a little while but mostly just lurking, and still in the IRC. I finally joined up because this isn't twitter and I want to feel more accountable for doing things, like working on tools and finishing projects. I like C, Python and Linux.

@waallly_ hey! it's good to see you on here :) Welcome to the instance

@waallly_ Whoa, welcome! been a long time since I've been in the IRC.

@ciel It's pretty much just a few of us randomly saying "Happy Void Day", so you're not missing much.

@waallly_ Hi Wally! Welcome.

A few of us have a little accountability thread going for projects, feel free to join if you'd like:

@freedcreative Wow, that's perfect and pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

@waallly_ hi! :tialove: this is the best place for geeks like you :mastodance: welcome!

@waallly_ oh the IRC channel still exists? I sort of missed that part of this community as I am a fairly new member. On what network can I find the IRC channel? (that is, if I am welcome there... :) )

@johannesg on espernet, but theres absolutely nothing going on there. It's real odd though, sometimes

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