Gonna take the plunge and use DOOM Emacs again. Emacs feels too much like a GUI for a (technically) TUI program, it's amazing.

I promise I'm not a chud or a GNU simp.

Considering learning Zig[1] for some personal projects. It's an interesting language, where the approach is more like "improve tooling for manual memory alloc" instead of "do away with manual memory alloc". I haven't needed to learn C/C++ properly, or do manual memory management, so it'd be interesting to dive into it completely empty handed.

[1]: ziglang.org

smartwatch bullshit 

Not working on Wear OS 2*, as Google dropped support for it.

I now kinda want to make my own smartwatch.

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smartwatch bullshit 

To make matters worse, the watch is not much more than a paperweight because Google changed APIs and/or revoked access to Google Fit's API, as well as navigation aids like Google Maps not working.

Mobvoi have their own apps but they're honestly subpar.

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smartwatch bullshit 

Man, Google really fucked the WearOS 3 rollout. Instead of Google providing the OS and OEMs providing the drivers like the previous releases, Google made the manufacturer bear the brunt of porting their watches to the new version, which includes the WearOS pairing app. The WearOS app is deprecated, in favour of the OEM app.

This means some watches got the update, but others, like my MOBVOI watch, are left in the dark on the update.

Astro is an amazing tool, I even managed to get a near-perfect score on Lighthouse.

I have launched a new site... again. Instead of using write.as, I decided to use Astro (astro.build) to build my website.


@aynish Mastodon does not like formatting and I don't want to get into the hell of image manipulation to get the result I want.

Are there any good Pleroma instances for bots specifically? I plan to develop a city-specific transport bot which revolves around formatting.

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Oh yeah, now that there is an influx of Australian users, especially in aus.social, @wale and I are working on a Fediverse bot to show status updates for Metro Trains and Yarra Trams.

@alderwick This might change though considering write.as does not let me do what I want outside of blogging.

You know people are flocking to Mastodon (and understanding how it works) when the introduction tag is trending.

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I finally launched my blog!

I planned to write the software powering this blog myself, but I eventually realised I was way too busy for that.

Site: wale.au
Fediverse posts: @blog

Keep an eye on it, some new material coming soon!

@zvava I wish Lunacy had an equivalent to Figma's AutoLayout to be honest; it's a huge feature for ex-Figma users anyway.

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