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i know it doesn't look like much, but this messy screenshot represents a ton of a new systems work under the hood

Did two legs and then ran out of glue. :) Night Merveilles.

@whtrbt Gluing the two planed faces together to make a good size leg.

8 leg-halves cut. That was actually pretty quick. I have put a screw in the messy bottom side of the part that will become the bench top. I can put the end of a leg up against it and it will hold still while I plane down towards it. Quicker than clamping each piece.

Two aprons, wellboard and TARS completed. Going to cut some legs and see if I have time to plane and glue them tonight.

I would like to share more of what I’m doing and thinking, but I find I don’t have enough time to even do and think fully, let alone to take on meta activities like documenting and sharing and explaining.

Any tips?

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Here is a long thread on keeping moss as a houseplant that I pulled off my twitter, wrapped up as a blog post - so now you can read about practical moss gardening without having to visit that website :>


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Merveillans, if you ever want or need to spend a few days in Lille, my boyfriend and I have an okay large flat and a couch that converts to a bed, to there's space to stay for a while

Let me know if you ever want to visit the city, hang out and chill, and/or nerd out on some weird project

@whtrbt Smoothing out the bench top. Gotta decide whether to take off more to get rid of the gaps caused by the chamfered edge on the wood I laminated.

Making a workbench in my basement car park . Step 1... plane and laminate a heap of cheap pine.

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@whtrbt I did it! How nice has been meditating today, my back says thanks x1k!!!
For a long time I always preferred the half lotus because I couldn't stand the kneeled position for very long, but it's waaaay better for my back!

In the future I might want to make a slightly wider one, and also make it foldable like yours :)

In other news, I’m very disappointed with the Australian election results. :(

Tested this recipe twice now, it’s fantastic: lovingitvegan.com/vegan-chocolate-cookies

@whtrbt oh, it’s meant to be angled... I didn’t mess up the cuts 😂

@whtrbt as I mentioned in my vipāssāna thread, I get pain in my knee... doesn’t bother me much usually but staying in a fixed position (i.e. meditation) really exacerbates it. This really helps, but it’s also a comfortable way to sit and work if you don’t want to sit at a chair. And harder to slouch. :)

Just built myself a tiny bench so I can kneel for more than half an hour while meditating. :)

Used some Spotted Gum that was intended for decking, but it looks really nice. Added hinges so I can fold it up and also some felt padding on the feet.

Might make a small cloth bag to put it in that doubles as a thin cushion. :)

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I wonder if it could be feasible to live aboard an airship

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