Does anyone else have shards of truth from @raelzero's entry? WHKJA, 5, C4.

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Sending all entries of the to is a super great idea to help archive and discover them, kudos to whoever had the idea!

I've played through all of the entries that are currently on itch... they're all so good. :)

@ice I can't get your game to run on my Mac sadly... is it 32-bit?

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Submitted HyperCard to as a development tool, as it's missing from their lists. :)

@tomupom your disk image on itch is showing up corrupted - did it get ejected before you uploaded the file?

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Hello everyone! You can now start submitting your project to the jam page on Itchio! The submission is open until wednesday :maru: :mac:

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whtrbt boosted can't copy and paste more than 1 object in blender if they're in a hierarchy?

@neauoire @rek 1. How do I help the mouse with the soy sauce?
2. How did you package your game into an app?

Night all! Thanks for your help with my questions!

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in lieu of any better mechanism:
post your hyperjam submissions in this hackmd, one per line:

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if you want to disable arrow key card navigation for a card, just add this to its script :

on arrowKey
end arrowKey

Ok, that's enough for now!
Is there an easy way to disable the arrow key navigation? And where do I submit? :)

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First glimpse of the amazing art of my friend Clat, along with my crappy text and UI.

The first part of our submission to the is somewhat ready! Now just four more segments to go >_>

Hope I'll be able to finish! :D

Functionally complete. Will add more dialogue as time permits. Please give it a try if you have some time...

What should I upload if I want to put this on my site for someone to test? The disk image?

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