I wonder if I can start delivering reports and other work as interactive documents... that would be fun. Probably need to set up a little framework for myself first otherwise it wouldn’t be time effective compared to just Word/Excel docs.

This is a big deal for me... in my job I usually just make Excel tools/models. This last one I had to use VBA, which I HATE... I got fed up and decided to try JS. It was surprisingly quick to build, maybe a week to get a fairly polished app.

I’ve actually managed to put together a working web app with vanilla JS for work. Can’t share it unfortunately. I’m not in love with JS, but some of the libraries are great and I really love working alongside the browser dev tools.

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It's low-key blowing my mind how many cities are independently organizing for the in Pakistan (21).

Climate change is not a mainstream issue here. It's barely present in our political discourse. 3 months ago, I was worried we'd even be able to pull off a big enough strike in Karachi, our largest city. This map gives me a lot of hope.

I've been doing work-work at home this weekend. Don't normally have to do that.

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a while ago, i believe i read an article someone shared here about escaping social media, and how mastodon is a kind of black hole, and how citizens of the internet have a sort of responsibility to voice their opinion. 1000 appreciate if somebody has a clue about this article and can give me a link

Ok I can see the results now. :) thanks for voting... I haven’t dreamt once this year that I can recall... I used to dream occasionally. I wonder why?

Do you dream when you are asleep (that you recall)?

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@whtrbt come to think of it, Merveilles to me is like a dream of a circle of friends. I’ve never met anyone here, and never tried pronouncing anyone’s name. But I feel like I belong among you. Pleasantly surreal 😁

Do you dream?

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A couple of statrups came to see me, asking me if I'd be interested in using their services. Right before they'd pitch it I'd interrupt with "Is it designed to be offline first".

That was very effective.

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I recently learned that New Zealand have expanded the range of indicators for how they measure their country's success. It's not just about the economy any more.

It's about current wellbeing, future wellbeing and their impact on other countries. That covers a huge range of stuff, including biodiversity, life expectancy, literacy, greenhouse gas emissions...everything from fish stocks to child poverty.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Feminists have long said that GDP is a patriarchal measure because it ignores the value of women's unpaid work. It's also useless in so many other ways. Well done to New Zealand for coming up with a better way of measuring how your country is doing.

They're not the only country doing this, but they're one of very few trailblazers.


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I found this amazing backpack that I use for work now and I update my stats every other day or so.

Today was an intense one.

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Will aligning the branches in time become a problem? Simultaneous actions?

Thinking about recipe notation again and the best structure for the underlying data... a recipe is a reverse tree structure, from ingredient leaves to the final dish at the root with culinary functions applied on the way down.

Need some help with a good word for projects that are only just loose ideas, that may not go anywhere. In my head there is a progression from that state, to in progress, then to either completed or abandoned. Gestating, forming, sprouting... not sure.

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