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Added a photo to the corn congee recipe. Served it today with black fungus, blanched green beans and fermented tofu.


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here's a first "draft" for the first day/section of the tutorial i'm writing!

your feedback is very welcome!

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last update of the day. grass is now bumpy and slows you down. came a long way in a day! not sure how much time i will have to work on it this week before the deadline, but this was fun nonetheless. 🚗 🛣️

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Aside from obstructive climate policy, corruption and being asleep at the wheel throughout the pandemic, this says all you need to know about the current Australian government.


Today's music - Gordon Koang. Heard his song South Sudan on the radio earlier and loved it. Turns out he lives in Melbourne.

Updated my site with a fantastic bean curry recipe I found.

I often steal recipes from other sites and put them on my own - the main reason is so I have an accessible personal recipe book. I usually link the original. I'm sure all these cooking blogs are just ripping their recipes from other sites and cookbooks right?

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Updated the emulator.
Added part of the zero-page memory to the inspector.

Sarah and I went for birthday dinner here. Awesome food and drinks. Engaged in some tetralingual discussion with the staff on the way out. :D

these are some full on colours I know, but I think it will work out ok once it's all put together.

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I've been in a non-computer mood for a while (too much computers at work = less interest after hours), so I decided to continue on with the sewing. Starting a quilt. shop

Don't like Brussels sprouts? Try deep frying them. Had these with a vegan belachan, lemon, chilli and coriander sauce.

naturally it's quilted. I looooove quilted fabric.

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I would seriously love to make clothing, but that is so far away from my skill level and I would just be spreading myself thinner than I already am. I did this out of necessity (will make a few more) so I guess it's at least some practice. Maybe I'll have a go at some shirts at some point.

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been busy. but made a quick pouch to store some electronic loose ends last night.

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