@neauoire @rek important to have all the specs in one easily accessible place.

@neauoire @rek now I understand why you have the Pino specs page on Github... I've been scoping out insurance quotes and the details requested (and resulting premiums) vary wildly.

By which I mean a humbly priced 1984 yacht, not some sort of mega yacht.

Going to inspect a yacht for sale on Saturday. 🌊⛵️

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DSTIKE Deauther Watch: ESP8266, 600mAh battery, OLED display and a 3-way momentary slide switch.



I want some music that is a bit cyberpunky but ambient/minimal. No lyrics. Even better if there’s some dub influence. Any recommendations?

Sliced shiitake marinated in oil and salt. These are about to get roasted. They are so good - crispy, chewy, fatty, salty. Going to try some with lettuce and tomato in a sandwich. :)

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Just started Death Stranding. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far.

I forget the word ‘deprecated’ every time I need to use it. Redacted, redundant, retracted and deleted all pop into my head but they’re not what I want. Happens once every couple of months.

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@neauoire Which editor and tools have you been using for CL?

Back on land and heading home. Crazy downpour in Docklands last night.

Bed time now. This has been a good adventure so far.

It got a bit rough after this, had to take the mainsail down.

Lunch time. There is good phone reception most of the way around the bay. :)

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