Will have to do something about the name. And typeface.

@whtrbt Wheee! Can I ask what is it and how much you paid for it? I'm also trying to save up for one :D

@raelzero AUD $35k. About the price of a small new car. It’s a 1984 Cavalier 975 (Australian built version of New Zealand Cavalier 32). If you are in Europe or North America, you will be able to find equivalent boats for a better price.

@raelzero We have no car and only rent, so this is a major purchase for both of us... and how we managed to save up. :D

@whtrbt I also have only rent so far (I don't even have a driving licence!) But maybe when I move to the next city I could cut rent too and just live off a small boat ;)

@whtrbt Nice! So I'm basically 1/35th of my way there ;)

Small PhD scholarship is small! But thanks for the advice :D

@raelzero I think you could probably find something for half the price in the Med, so many cruising boats there!


My mentor gave me an excellent tip: last year, lots of companies, NGOs and associations in Greece bought very nice new boats with EU funds to perform various projects.

In 2/3 years, the projects will finish, and some of those people will be looking to sell their boats for relatively cheap.

Let's just say that I'm looking forward to 2/3 years from now ;)

@whtrbt Italianissimo! Organic-grown in the most beautiful, sometimes smelly city of the world ;) Did you drop by Italy in the past?

@raelzero only been once and briefly. But Australia had a wave of Italian immigrants in the 50s, so we have great coffee, decent Italian food and learn some Italian at primary school. 😂

@whtrbt I knew about an American and a Belgian emigration, but didn't know about an Australian one!

Ah, those Italian expats... Invading other people's countries just to assert dominance through food and coffee :'D

(tbh, I'd probably do the same)

@raelzero yup, I think about 5% of Australians are Italian migrants or their descendants! We owe you for a lot of good stuff. :)

@whtrbt Maybe this just means that I'm bound to visit Australia too... Possibly on my boat? That'd be a dream! :D

Say hi to summer for me :)

@whtrbt OMAHAGAAAA!!!!!! Congratulation. I'm so happy for you. That font's awful btw.

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