@whtrbt I've just picked up the NES programming book that the creator of 8bitworkshop.com/ put out. It's my first dive into assembly, but I've always wanted to make something authentic on my own!

@thelibrarian everything you see here is googled and thoroughly trial and errorred. :D But it's sooo satisfying!

I look forward to seeing what you make!

@whtrbt Congrats! I can assure you that this is a fun little rabbit hole full of all sorts of emotional highs and lows (like the time you waste a day before realizing you have to set the carry flag before doing subtraction), but it's very worth it. Where do you think you'll take your project next? Anything you need help or support with?

@roadriverrail think I’ll get something moving next! Thanks for the offer, I’m definitely going to need help along the way.

@whtrbt Check out my GitHub at github.com/roadriverrail and you can find some NES code examples there, including making a sprite move!

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