Has anyone heard of this book, The Planiverse? I read it as a teenager waiting for my mum in the university library and it stuck with me. I managed to track down a second hand copy! :D

It's set in a 2D world and frequently digresses to explain how things work. I love it.

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@whtrbt Yeah, fantastic sequel/sciency version of Flatland. Doing physics and chemistry on a plane is hard. And it has a better(?) ending for YNDRD than A Square got.

@whtrbt That looks amazing. Does it explicitly reference A. Square's work?

@mike not that I remember, but I'll reread and see

@mike It does! In the story, the author has read Flatland and some other related stories to his students as part of the work they are doing that leads them to build the 2D world simulation.

@whtrbt Yeah, I used to have a copy. I think it began with some discussion in the Mathematical Games column in Scientific American?

@whtrbt (I don’t have my copy any more, but I remember a lot of good worldbuilding, even if there wasn’t much story.)

@ghost_bird yep the story is actually OK, but it's definitely in service of the worldbuilding

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