ok... making some progress in figuring out uxn... got some sprites in and displaying. might turn this into a proper routine and then see if I can get a char moving about.

haven't worked out if there's blending or transparency for the fg layer yet. also want to test whether the system colours can change during operation.

noticed the assembler doesn't like uppercase hex.

Getting somewhere... still getting unexpected stack underflows, and this program is occasionally halting when moving towards the bottom of the screen. My Uxntal debugging skills need work.

@whtrbt Woah, strange. Do you know about alt+h? to display the debugger? You'll see which routine overflows right away :)

@neauoire hm, overflow this time but I'm not seeing anything in the debugger. I thought the values at the top were the stack, but is it actually the return stack?

@whtrbt That's what an overflow looks like, you should see the stack pointer highlighted in the first cell. The stack is currently full of #00

@neauoire cool. just didn't see those values change at all while I was testing... I'll keep playing around with it tonight. thanks!

@whtrbt Good luck :) Usually if it's #00, it's often a problem of forgetting to use a short-mode operator, so the first byte remains on the stack. Look for a place where you have a short that starts with #00 and that is being consumed by an operator without short-mode.


@neauoire got it! missing a DUP. I had to step through and note down the stack state after each instruction to figure it out.

I am LOVING uxn. it's quite tough for me, but the simplicity of the operations is very satisfying and working with the stack is like a little puzzle.

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@whtrbt AAa! I'm so happy to hear. I feel the same about it :)

I can't wait to out of the boatyard and resume my work on Uxn.. I miss it :')

working on some tile mapping... lot of bugs but to my credit they've usually something stupid ( missing space at end of comment) rather than the complex parts failing.

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