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I'm considering putting together a garden-related online workshop over the winter. I'd love to know which of these topics would interest folks the most.

My first project! A moon phase tracker (more novelty than accurate).

I wrote a little script to get your large indexed images out of GIMP and into uxn: gemini://gemini.sensorstation.

Special thanks to @brendan and @alderwick for the math help!

Uxn folks:

Maybe my brain is just dragging today.

I have a bunch of bytes in the range 0-255 that I need to scale down uniformly by some coefficient. In the absence of floats, how would I do this?

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Meet #Slight: the serious bitmap font editor for #uxn fonts!

It's not ready for release yet as it needs serious refactoring, but all the features are in place and it's perfect for designing and extensively testing new fonts!

Check out this quick 1-minute video:

@brendan I'm excited to try out starling. Looks very exciting, impressive work!

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👨‍🌾 We've had to conclude our farming season earlier than expected, but @tickfoot and I assembled all of our data, observations, and conclusions for your perusal.


🥕 easy / 💵 hard

Get growing!

I've been working over the summer to document everything I've been able to pull off with Ledger to run a business and survive the US tax system. Basically picking up where the Ledger manual left off. It's completely free and open, uses only plaintext files.

I still need a trained accountant to fill out the damn forms for me, but I can at least provide all the right numbers with minimal effort!


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We've been elated to see so many male and female Goldfinch in our garden this week. In-between singing lovely little songs they frequent the sunflowers, pulling seeds from the aging heads. #garden @plants

I have this problem of opening a backlog of hundreds of tabs of all of the great links I come across (especially on Merveilles) that I don't have time to read right now but I want to come back to.

This Firefox extension is doing a good job of keeping me at 10 tabs max and focused on the day's task. I either read it today, or the other things I'm doing are more important. The backlog is a mental drag.

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RT @cldellow
People always say cyclists need to be more afraid of cars, because in a collision, the car wins.

It doesn't have to be like that. We can _both_ lose.

I've got all but one of my family members and in-laws using Linux. Xubuntu seems to be friendly enough for all of them.

Now I've got my parents working on cleaning out and deleting their Google accounts. My dad is open to the idea of Lineage OS on his phone. I never thought I'd get to this point.

Apparently ChunkVNC was the answer for Windows.

Aspia is close; it apparently has a relay server that you can host, but only Windows machines can share screens.

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Anybody know of any open source remote desktop software that allows one to easily help non-technical friends and family? Everybody's on Linux.

Traversing NAT is the major problem, so I'm happy to run my own relay server.

Just can't find any open source stuff that will work that way. I can't explain how to forward ports to my mom; she needs a non-technical way to invite me to help.

(TeamViewer, AnyDesk, etc. are proprietary clients with proprietary servers, so I don't trust the privacy there).

Anybody in town have experience with ARM Cortex dev boards and can make a recommendation? I'm looking to do bare metal stuff, no Linux. The number of choices is paralyzing (STM32 Nucleo, TI Tiva, etc.).

Welp, a few days after I posted this, the battery has swelled and the phone won't stay together anymore... 😢

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