Hey town, is there a newer equivalent to PostScript that has layout constraints?

I'm trying to feed some variable data into a script and get a printable output, but when the result spans across multiple printed pages, the math required for calculating when to break the page becomes too much to do in a reasonable amount of time.

I am aware of this cool technique, but ya know, would like to avoid that massive web browser dependency...

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@winduptoy maybe drawbot-skia or just Drawbot if you use macOS?

@royniang that seems pretty good! the textbox appears to allow constraining text to a specific area. unfortunate about mac only, I need something cross platform. might give skia port a try...

@winduptoy it’s pretty much a typeface designer developer tool, but unfortunately the skia version have poorer text functions/rendering as of now, but hopefully, things will change (pretty excited to replace indesign by Drawbot someday, I must confess :p)

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