A farming friend about starting her business: "I just subscribed to QuickBooks the other day, but I haven't entered anything into it because I don't have internet at home."

I am pretty sad that there is almost zero public awareness that internet access is not a requirement to making calculations.

She seems open to learning about Ledger, so hopefully I can get her hooked. I feel like I have a moral duty to convert as many Intuit customers as I can in this lifetime.

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@winduptoy cool - I hadn't heard of Ledger before this but just found the GitHub. Thanks for turning me on to it

@mrshll It's fantastic. It has made dealing with the insanity of the IRS bearable, tracking all business expenses, donations, and other deductible items. We're now using it to track how much produce we pull off the farm.

If you happen to send invoices to clients, I'm working on a command line tool that integrates with Ledger for setting up orders and populating a Ledger file with the relevant data:

@winduptoy I read through the docs and I think it's fantastic. Right now my business is wrapped up in Stripe and horrendous enterprise accounting software straight from hell.

Glad you are using Go Templates - nice and accessible. This will be the first thing I reach for in the future!

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