Imagine there were a mobile computing/communication device designed and built for repairability, affordability, low power consumption, and completely open source; a smol-phone, if you will. What would be your preferred charging/communication connector for this device? Any opinions welcome.

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@neauoire do you have any strong feelings against 1/8"? I'm not aware of any 1/4" jacks that have four conductors (L/R/Mic/Ground)

@winduptoy usb c is definitely a step forward but mini usb is still the least fragile, most sturdy feeling small power/data connector I have come across. I have have a flip phone with a mini usb charging port and it's still working, with the original cable. Usb c cables still feel like leverage could snap them. As a side note too, pls dont put the port on the bottom of the device. When I use my phone lying down it is often resting on me, and with a charger plugged in its resting on the cable!

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